Thursday, September 4

Making Noise: Boston Herald

Do newspaper publishers ever consider that stories like this might be the result of stories like this? [Hat tip: Steven Silvers]


Designing Hilary on 9/5/08, 3:57 AM said...

Whaddaya mean? Sarah Palin's hair style (or lack thereof) is not newsworthy??

Hawksdomain on 9/5/08, 6:12 AM said...

OMG It's bad enough that I've read blogs complaining of her wardrobe, but this is just ridiculous - I'm fast losing faith in the news media. I can't believe they even had a poll, at least the majority of the 'voters' said that the issues were more important than her hairstyle.

Rich on 9/5/08, 8:35 AM said...

@DH, If you ran a post on everyone's fashion choices, it would make sense to me. For the Boston Herald to run a story that exclusively target's Palin, um, not so much.

@Paula, I think you're right. I cannot recall the last time I voted for anyone based upon their hairdo. Every election cycle, it seems we drift further away from the issues and more toward appearances.

Anonymous said...

Most of the people who commented on the Boston Herald story got it right: a "reporter" with dried out, shapeless and bleached hair has little room to critique anyone else's coif.

Rich on 9/5/08, 10:32 PM said...

Hey Anon,

Absolutely. The number of overwhelming negative comments were notable. I think it represents how tired people are of hearing the trivial.


Rich on 9/7/08, 4:05 PM said...

More words:

Here's one local reporter that has drawn the line on the diatribe (at least on the state level). We need more national reporters doing the same, even if they do not agree on the issues.



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