Monday, March 24

Closing A Case Study: Jericho Ends Tomorrow

"Without question, there are passionate viewers watching this program; we simply wish there were more," said Nina Tassler, president of CBS Entertainment. "We have no regrets bringing the show back for a second try."

The statement, which is now circulating throughout the media, demonstrates that CBS has learned something since the first time it issued a cancellation announcement for Jericho last May. Engaged fans expect polished public relations. Her original statement last year demonstrates the difference.

“ … that show would still be on the air if the audience was there. No programmer wants to p.i.s.s. off their audience. When that happens, it's unfortunate. Part of what we try to do is create viewer loyalty, and then build on that ... but we're running a business," she said then.

Along with the original statement, Tassler and CBS are making a sellable case. Given that last fall, Jericho averaged 10.5 million viewers. After an elongated Spring break, which CBS admits was a mistake, it fell to 8.1 million. One year later, the ratings place at 6 million.

The numbers, void of any mention of online viewership that CBS touts in other quarters, creates the illusion that maybe the fans didn’t pony up. “You’ve got to recruit more viewers,” Tassler had said, immediately following the decision that seven episodes were a small price to pay to stop the public relations hemorrhaging.

In fact, low broadcast ratings have prompted more than one publication to place the blame squarely on fans. The most condescending of the which seems to belong to the article penned by Lisa de Moraes of The Washington Post.

“In fact, while the Jericho Rangers are extremely good at buying peanuts, they proved completely inept at recruiting new Rangers,” she said.

She can make the case, but is that accurate? Are fans to blame? Did consumer marketing and social media prove to be a bust? Partly, for circumstances that exist within the Jericho fan base (but not within the fan base of all cancelled shows), but not in the way de Moraes makes her case.

If Jericho the fan base was inept, it was only because their indecision was nurtured by the network with mixed messages and a few fans who grossly misinterpreted them.

Isolated Fandom. Some fans insisted (and still insist) that all efforts needed to stay close to the CBS site. Ask anyone engaged in social media and they will tell you: social media cannot exist in a vaccum. Ho hum. The “build it and they will come” concept only seems to work for ballparks in cornfields.

It was offsite Jericho blogs, fan forums, Web sites, a few limited fan efforts within the quietest pockets on the CBS site, and face-to-face recruitment efforts that captured new viewers. Despite many of these offsite locales being under supported, discouraged, and targeted for banishment, they still managed to expand the network’s limited net presence. Before turning over the CBS Jericho blog to a fan, one employee did drop a hint, pointing fans here.

Braveheart Revisited. Several times, a few willing and highly qualified fans seemed poised to take a leadership role. Unfortunately, they quickly found the same fate as William Wallace. Their own “countrymen” would periodically draw and quarter them for any criticism aimed at the network. Yes, in public.

"If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking," the real Gen. George S. Patton once said. The same holds true here. Had the original campaign leaders been left in place, fans would have the direction they need today. Instead, some of the most active supporters are already saying goodbye. Instead, fans got fillers.

Internal Sabotage. Whether it was intentional or unintentional doesn’t matter, but several fans had taken to periodically attack dissenters using a number of anonymous names to further their agenda. Worse, forum board dramas drove hundreds of old and new fans from CBS.

The cause? Without any clear direction, unbelievable arguments over who came up with the idea to send nuts, who had more inroads with the network and production team, and whether the “who” of an idea meant it had had more merit than whether it was a good idea. You know, the kind of stuff that new viewers would take one look at and turn tail. Alas, for want of a crown, these misguided few lost a kingdom.

But the misguided actions of a few still do not support the case presented by The Washington Post. The vast majority of fans sounded more like those I profiled on Feb. 9.

While fans might have misplaced their faith in CBS, it was the lack of network communication that ensured the cancellation of the show a second time.

• The timeslot was contrary to the demographics of the show, which included families. The 10 p.m. timeslot was just too lat for this show.

• The network promoted Jericho on CBS, but that was the extent. While some promos had peak time slots, there simply are not many CBS shows that provide a clear crossover audience. The CW would have been different.

• The second season public relations party brought the show back with a whisper. It was so quiet, even the media was amazed. Fans were left scratching their heads.

• The network never considered that the public might not tune into a show with an insecure future. So, when it made a big deal about two endings being shot, the announcement hurt more than helped.

• While they did not intend to leak the first three episodes, those episodes did leak. The significance? No one knows how many Nielsen families didn’t turn in after that.

• An entire year went by before Jericho returned. For a long time, the fans had no idea when it might come back. If an extended mid-season break hurt viewership the first time, what could anyone expect a year later.

• At one point there was some limited digital media stories as originally promised, but they never progressed in any tangible way. Any thought of CBS merchandising items, like Bailey’s Tavern glasses, was nonexistent.

• The network’s half-action several times split the fans into two groups: those who believed CBS would support the show, and those who did not. Those who placed their faith in CBS won the argument, but those who lost were right.

• The network did virtually nothing substantial to market the DVD. The little it did do, did nothing to attract new viewers.

• The network had rebroadcast Jericho in an odd order over the summer, until pre-empting it with football. Football wasn’t the issue; the issue was it had thousands of Jericho fans asking people to tune into bumped programming.

• The network provided online episodes and clips online, but without much marketing support for the varied platforms where it could be found. It got better, but in the end, those numbers didn’t count anyway except to market future online endeavors.

• The network talked about a partnership that we warned would never exist. Several times they hinted at promotion, causing the fans to hold their breath, and then pulled back with nothing.

And the list goes on, with many posts on this blog and elsewhere pointing out the hits and misses. Sure, CBS did some things right too. The fans even more so.

So who is to blame? The network? The fans? Nielsen? The media? Everyone. No one. It doesn’t matter. Tuesday, March 25 is the last episode. It starts at 10 p.m. Case closed, sort of.

While I’m not sure many of the fractured ideas being discussed by fans today will work, I am sure that some of these fans will develop a standalone fandom. Others will find new shows to fight for. And yet others are already moving on to focus on the bigger picture of ensuring the ratings system captures a better sampling (ideally, everyone). But there is something more important than that.

I made a lot of great friends, both Jericho fans and even a couple folks on the network side. Perhaps not all of them, but many of these friendships will transcend tomorrow night.

You see, Jericho Rangers are pretty great people when you get to know them. And I know for a fact that many of them don’t need one show to be great. They are great regardless. And much like no one can take away that these fans are responsible for the fastest cancellation reversal history or played a role in pushing television in a new direction, no one can take that away from them either. Good night and good luck.



bill on 3/24/08, 8:48 PM said...

Very well written Rich. Thank you!

kystorms on 3/24/08, 8:52 PM said...

Dear Rich

I have been so fortunate to have worked along side each person here, those who I disagreed with and those who I did not. But at the end of the day, it is the very people I met, no matter whether we were totally in sync or not, that matter to me more than any show.
I learned, and learning is always the greatest gift. Are there things I would do differently if I had the chance, of course. But at the end of the day today, I think each person in this fandom rocks, each one. And I am very proud to say I knew and worked along side them.
I only wish I could have learned faster, adapted better, and made a difference.
Thank you Rich for a great article, as always you hit home with your words.
Thank you for always supporting us.

Schumi on 3/24/08, 9:00 PM said...

Bravissimo Rich! Perfect summation.

Thank you!


erika on 3/24/08, 9:03 PM said...

I know that CBS sent out the call to fans to get more butts in the seats, but I feel like CBS failed us. I know many who actively went out and recruited many new viewers, only to be thwarted by network mismanagement with the poorly run DVD promotion, the lackluster Season Two promotion, and even the original mid-season break way back in the way back. Maybe CBS just isn't ready to jump into the scary waters of New Media.

Thank you so much, Rich, for all you have done to support us, and even if Jericho dies an uncerimonious death, I hope that in the future, the networks will see that the tide is indeed changing, and the next 'Jericho' will not suffer this fate.

maybei on 3/24/08, 9:20 PM said...

Well said Rich - kudos!!!

Many thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Rich, as you have done throughout the "Save Jericho" campaign and the resurrection of the show, you have hit the nail squarely on the head. (Lisa De Moraes, on the other hand, appears to have lost hers.)

As your article points out, CBS was also driving nails, primarily into Jericho's coffin. Hopefully the producers will yet pull off a Houdini and manage to escape for a third season.

Thanks for all of your sage words, and best wishes.

Sweet Tea on 3/24/08, 9:50 PM said...

Thank you, Rich. What I love most about having had Jericho in my life is that a community was formed that embraced the fans, the Jericho cast, and crew. Like Kystorms says it's the people who matter. Maybe Jericho will survive;maybe not, but this kind of certainty comes but once in a lifetime: the best friends I've ever had are Jericho Rangers. And they will transcend the Finale.

gkkatz1 on 3/24/08, 10:06 PM said...

Excellent article. Thank you so much.

"T.V. Barnum" on 3/24/08, 10:46 PM said...

You hit it perfectly with regards to all the points mentioned in this entry and more.

If JERICHO is lucky to land a new home elsewhere for a third season, the new outlet can learn alot from what CBS Didn't and Did Do with regards to JERICHO the Series, The Fan Base,and social media.

azlady on 3/24/08, 10:49 PM said...


Thank you for all you have done in support of Jericho and its fandom. I have really enjoyed all your great, interesting articles. I hope this one won't be the last. I hope that we get lucky and Jericho rises again.

Trish on 3/24/08, 11:46 PM said...

I think this may be your best blog ever.

Anonymous said...

great job rich.....

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rich for another great and I hope not the last article about Jericho and us. Mistakes were made by all but lesson can and should be learned by all. Regardless of Jericho's ultimate future, What we acheived will always be remembered.

Anonymous said...

Rich, judist63 here....I am so fortunate to have been a part of the Jericho fandom and glad to have been a part of the revival. I feel so sad and also proud at the same time. You have been there with us in the trenches from the beginning and are just as much a part of the fandom as the rest of us. Thank you for all of your wonderful wisdom and kind words. Someday when Jericho is on again, we will all be sharing the passion together again!!

terocious on 3/25/08, 5:47 AM said...

I am skeptical whether tonight’s episode will achieve the type of closure that CBS is hoping for but for me, this post put a really nice finish on the articles you have written about the show.

Thank You Rich


Briarpatch on 3/25/08, 7:39 AM said...

Thank you, Rich, for another great article, and the perfect summation of this great adventure we have traveled. I am so proud to be a Jericho Ranger, and no giant corporation can ever take that away from me. We changed the world with peanuts, and then continued changing it during this past year of waiting for the return of Jericho. I intend to continue doing my part to change the world of television programming because I refuse to settle for being fed bread and circuses while Rome burns around me.
Charlene in Mississippi

zohner on 3/25/08, 9:04 AM said...

Rich, thank you for yet another great article on Jericho. I think that you summed up what has transpired perfectly.

Personally, I place a great deal of the responsibility for the failure of Jericho on CBS. Like you pointed out, there was lots of talk but little action. As fans, we can only do so much. Sure, the divisions in the fan base probably hurt us, but CBS has the marketing power and, more importantly, the money to do what fans can't.

If there's one thing that I've learned from this, it's that unless I have a Nielsen box in my home, I don't matter to network executives. I could spend a fortune on products that their advertisers sell but, in the end, my voice doesn't count. I managed to get numerous people to watch the show but they aren't Nielsen families so they didn't count either.

It's too bad that Jericho has to end, but at least it won't be ending on a cliffhanger.

Anonymous said...

I just started watching Jericho on SciFi. I'm sad to hear of its passing.

Lewis Green on 3/25/08, 11:37 AM said...

So who is to blame? The network? The fans? Nielsen? The media? Everyone. No one. It doesn’t matter. Tuesday, March 25 is the last episode. It starts at 10 p.m. Case closed, sort of.

Good synopsis, Rich. I watched it once, but I am simply not one who follows many shows as a fan (except for the original Law & Order). TV to me is just a simple excape and I don't seek to be changed or even moved by it.

However, as one who has sat in front of a TV on occasion for more than 50 years and have spend nearly 35 years in marketing and communications, bravo to the fans who brought it back but if the numbers aren't there, the show won't be either.

The entertainment industry doesn't spend much money marketing individual TV shows, books, movies, records, etc. A show, a novel, a movie, a record and so on may receive some initial support (although most don't), and then it's all about the numbers, as it should be. This is called mass media for a reason.

So farewell to Jericho. And perhaps fans of any entertainment vehicle will understand that nothing can be done if the numbers aren't there.

Lewis Green on 3/25/08, 11:38 AM said...

God, I hate those two typos above.

Anonymous said...

Excellent summary. CBS may not have been the best place for us, but Carol Barbee is busy looking for a new place, or if that doesn't work, other means of telling the story.

Jericho is special. I can't say exactly why because I don't know, but it connects very deeply. And part of that is our fandom. The Rangers are diverse, talented, intelligent and passionate and I've never found so much mind candy before in a fandom. Yes, we argue but all fandoms do. But ours has organized in a way very few fandoms can.

There already is a standalone fandom. Not everyone will stay, and new people will join. But what was created by the tv show Jericho was mirrored in its fandom and we will certainly go on.

And last but not least, (including a certain blogger) Jericho fans ROCK!

Raul on 3/25/08, 3:24 PM said...

Hi Rich,

I've enjoyed tuning into your site since the first cancellation of Jericho.

Thank you for your sensible commentary regarding Jericho through thick and thin.

It's been nice being able to count on your thoughtful and thought-provoking perspective.

Thank you for your support of the Jericho show and Jericho Rangers worldwide!

Very best regards,


auntvonna on 3/25/08, 4:29 PM said...

Thank you for summing up the whole thing so well. You really hit all the nails on the head (which is not a surprise!) I too hope that the producers pull a magic trick out of their hat and find Jericho a new home, but if not, I too am proud to say that I worked right beside some amazing people! I wouldn't trade this experience for the world, it has truly changed my life in many ways.

Thank you Rich for all that you've done and for being such a cool person! Kudos!

Anonymous said...


Thanks again for this wonderful recap of events. I would however like to add that this is the first time I can recall in which network executives actually engaged the fans directly with a "partnership" of sorts. Certainly, it didnt go as hoped for the reasons you stated, but for a first attempt, not so bad.

And it wasnt just the network, it was also the production and crew. We, as Jericho rangers, have made history and I am happy to call myself part of that group. franky I have never felt this connected to a TV before and that is a good thing regardless of the outcome

thurbers on 3/25/08, 10:23 PM said...

This is a terrific analysis of the situation. For good and bad, there are failures on every side.

Unfortunately most of the fans' failures seem to come down to too much trust and too much passion. The network had little trust, they hedged their bets again and again. And they certainly had too little passion where the show was concerned.

I know the way I would rather fail.
I am proud to have been a fan of Jericho.

Thank you for making that even clearer to me.


Col Homer on 3/26/08, 12:24 AM said...

CBS did fail you. I am not a die hard fan, but I watched the first season and loved the show, heard it had been canceled and then heard that through the efforts of fans (like you all) it was comming back for a second season. So I waited, heard it was coming back this spring waited some more, only to find out I had missed most of the season!! I did tivo the last two episodes hoping that would count for rating purposes (which it sounds like it won't) but I can't watch them until I go back and see the rest of the episodes. I didn't see any advertising for this show until it was way too late. So from my point of view, as a casual view, CBS failed you, miserabley.......

Anonymous said...

We talk and make a big noise, but in the end the networks thumb their nose at us and do whatever they want, because they can.
In the end just who do we think we are anyway?
That's right. Nobody.

Greg Cooper on 3/26/08, 1:19 PM said...

Here's an interesting snap shot from a different perspective. An international real estate media outlet contrasts CBS with the RE industry...

I revert to the 'skewing younger' discussion with an addendum. I am convinced all marketing is media and vice versa. I'm also convinced all marketing is very narrow, much like the viewers of Jericho, which may be the most intense, unintended nich marketing in broadcast history.

Rich on 3/26/08, 2:44 PM said...

Watching the last episode of Jericho last night was bittersweet. It was one of the best episodes, but knowing it could be the last made it feel very, very different.

Anyway, thank you all for your comments and compliments. I certainly never expected what began as a crisis communication case study would eventually turn into a near yearlong observation of consumer marketing and social media. I'm happy it did. It's your story and I was honored to cover it.

Not just on this blog, but in classes, workshops, speaking engagements, and interviews where I could tell your story. (And still do. And still will). I never drew attention to that off blog stuff, mostly because that story was never about me, but about you as fans. In fact, whenever anyone mistaking gave me any credit for helping the campaign before, during, or after, I was always quick to point out that I merely a correspondent writing Op-eds from the sidelines. The real heroes were out there, many of you, who were fighting not just for Jericho but how networks deliver on their promise of quality programming for everyone.

Likewise, if I have the opportunity to finish a book on social media this year, it will certainly include Jericho, but only because the way I see it, you've earned it twice over. As one of the most significant social media mobilization efforts online, ever, it deserves to be there.

It never really occurred to me before reading the boards the other day that one or two folks think to claim that including Jericho in a book was my motivation from the beginning. That is not so. I've been pretty open about my motivation. My wife loved the show (she sent nuts before any online system was established... to both New York and Los Angeles) and convinced me to look into it. After that, the fans proved it was a case study. And after that, and getting to know some of the fans (even going a bit native at times), they earned continued coverage. There is nothing more to it than that.

Also, I'd like to say thank you to those, especially, who always understood objective coverage sometimes comes across as negative, even when it is not. Even CBS knows for all the knocks, I've frequently said the network was moving at an accelerated pace when compared to other networks in terms of adoption. Where the heaviest criticism kicked in was solely on the basis that the new model was obviously not being applied to Jericho; the fans were being asked to market under an old measure that future shows will not likely have to face again in as little as a few short months.

Of course, I also know there are efforts currently underway to find Jericho a new home. While I won't pretend to understand all of the ideas being tossed about to get it done, I do know that it doesn't make much sense to comment on these efforts. I'd rather let the fans proceed in the way they feel fit. They earned it.

Suffice to say while the case study is closed, it doesn't mean I might not cover Jericho from time to time. If there is news to be had, I'll certainly be happy to write about, though with less frequency.

I'm also going to pull something together for the convention in light of not being able to attend after being graciously invited; and I'll certainly visit the off network boards from time to time.

So, while this case study is closed, this isn't a goodbye note, not by a long shot.

Besides, I meant what I said. Several people have become friends well beyond a show. And for those other few who I referenced in this post as misguided ... well, I wish you the best too. Life's too short to carry any hate in your heart.

That said ... so, how does it feel to make history? Ha! As fans, you would know. You already did.

And who knows? As fans you might find a way to do it twice yet. (Wouldn't that be something?)

And if not, so what? For most people — all those who doubted you could get it done the first time — once is more than they might ever know.

All my best,

Rich on 3/27/08, 12:07 PM said...

For anyone who wonders, I removed the last comment because it smacked of self promotion over substance. It did however demonstrate exactly what I mentioned in the post, among other things...

"Your insistence to maintain your own separate boards and chat rooms dilutes the greater mission of Season 3." — Paris Libra

Once again, unless some fans follow the instructions of a select few fans, it seems, any assistance they provide is not welcome. If anything, it was that very thinking that hurt fan efforts all along and pinpoints were ego might reside.


Anonymous said...

Rich - I was greatly disappointed to see my post removed, but this is your blog and your prerogative. Apparently the ego comment hit too close to home and I suspect that this comment, like my previous one will be removed as well.

If you wouldn't mind, please elaborate on your "self-promotion" reference - I truly do not understand. You can direct any comments to me at ParisLibra

Anonymous said...

Rich - Sorry to leave another comment, but it appears you may have the wrong impression.

I, along with a few others, have actually been trying to prod Shaun to take the leadership reins, which he has been reluctant to do. The post which you deleted reflect my personal opinion and no one elses. I'm concerned that because CBS and Jericho producers have been monitoring the CBS boards, that we're making it harder for them to see the collective uproar the Jericho cancelation has caused because they have to go to all the other boards.

I personally don't consider a blog in the same category as chat rooms and boards. This blog reflects your opinion and I've enjoyed reading it. However, you apparently jumped to an incorrect conclusion and I would like to suggest that this type of behavior has kept a lot of people from expressing their opinions.

If anything, we need to encourage all lurkers to come out into the open. I would like to see Shaun as the leader because some people appear to react favorably to what he's saying and who is on his show. I realize you're not one of them but that doesn't make Shaun's impact any less powerful. Perhaps if you step back, you might see there is some validity to my opinion. If not, so be it. Just please do not jump to conclusions that do not exist.

Thanks for reading my comment, whether you choose to delete it or not.


Rich on 3/27/08, 1:46 PM said...

Paris Libra,

Not at all. I'll leave your comment up because it targets me. You can say anything you want about me. Have fun. I will not stop you.

To be clear, I took your comment down it was self promotional, mean-spirited, and discounted all fans expect one fan. As I have often said on this blog, anyone can say what they want about me, but I draw the line when they start using this blog to attack others.

So I'll tell you what, I'll republish your entire comment in a post, provided you e-mail me your real name.

I will say, however, it is shame that you used this post to infuse the same negativity that damaged the fan base to begin with. It seems to me that you are inclined to argue, even when there is nothing left to say.


Anonymous said...


On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the show will definitely return, what are the odds Jericho gets brought back on another network? I would guess a 5.

Anonymous said...


You clearly have some reason to ask for my name, a request you haven't made of anyone else's. I was the first caller on Shaun's show last night - you can listen to what I have to say. My area code is 508, but beyond that, I would like to respectfully decline in giving you any other information. You have my e-mail which is and again you are welcome to send me an e-mail directly.

Thanks for your response,

Rich on 3/27/08, 2:19 PM said...

Paris Libra,

Just so you know, that is not true. Every person who I interviewed gave me their real names. In fact, I know the real names of virtually everyone who commented in regard to Jericho over the last year. But I respect your reason to remain anonymous.


Rich on 3/27/08, 2:41 PM said...


"On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the show will definitely return, what are the odds Jericho gets brought back on another network? I would guess a 5."

I honestly could not hazard a guess. The first campaign really worked well because the leadership did not place stipulations on the greater fan base in regard to what they could or could not do. This time it's different, I am sorry to see.

The thrust of the new campaign seems to be to stay on one site and focus on a single tactic. What they are missing is that it wasn't a core group of handpicked fans who secured a second season, but the collective efforts of the fans and their willingness to reach out to the public and media for support. It also worked because while their were daily tasks posted offsite, there were many fans doing different things beyond that ... and no one begrudged them for it. They were grateful for any support they cold get. And it worked.

If Jericho fans can remain focused on the purpose of their campaign, they might have a shot. At the moment, I don't see it. The best shot seems to revolve on the ability of the producers to shop the show, with or without support.


Anonymous said...

Rich -

I have asked in my e-mail and now through this post that you remove all of my comments since you censored my original one. I respect your right to delete since it is your blog, but I take great exception at the incorrect conclusions you jumped to. Apparently I hit a nerve, which was not my intent. I guess ego trumps message. Your mission has been accomplished.


Rich on 3/27/08, 5:09 PM said...


No, on second thought, you are right. Here is your original comment. I'm happy to put it back up...

"Due to family health reason, I have been on and offline for many months. I have some observations to make regarding your case study, which I felt was very comprehensive, but omits a few key issues.

With every campaign, there has to be some cohesiveness. When Jericho was first canceled in May of 2007, it was very clear to all of us, through posts and comments on Shaun OMac's show, that the Jericho production, cast and crew were all watching the flurry of activity on the CBS boards. It also became clear that CBS corporate was monitoring the message boards and the chat room as well.

As fans, as Rangers, we were given a place to show our unified passion and frustration at an unjustified cancelation. Instead of focusing on the mission, which was to get a second season for Jericho, many of the more visible Rangers decided to splinter off and develop their own sites. Why, who really knows? Was it ego - undeniably. Still, what galvanized the Rangers were the appearances by production, cast and crew on Shaun OMac's show. Sure, the chats and posts were great inspirations, but nothing is stronger than the voice - their voice, our voices, the ability to call Shaun and talk to Jericho's creative geniuses.

We have a great opportunity to get a Season 3 on a broadcast/cable network that will support the show far more than CBS begrudgingly did. I urge all of you to rethink your strategies. Your insistence to maintain your own separate boards and chat rooms dilutes the greater mission of Season 3.

In speaking and listening to Carol Barbee last night on Shaun's show, the path to victory became clearer. We must unite, we must focus on one place where we can gather and formulate strategy. Based on the feedback of networks and producers, we are making headway - SciFi is interested and CBS Paramount wants to support Jericho. As a fanbase, we must follow the success of the NUTS campaign (which was all of us sending the same item, NUTS, to CBS) by all of us using the same focus of sending in cards and letters to CBS Paramount, SciFi and wherever else we can make an impact. Those orders have to come from one place and essentially, one leader who should have all of our support.

I'm not sure where the resistance to Shaun's leadership came from, but I can tell you that his visibility, his ability to get voices on the air, albeit via the Internet, is more powerful than a thousand chat rooms and boards combined. Please, and you know who I'm writing to, put aside your bruised egos and bring your power, your skills in unison. Shaun is the only viable leader for Season 3, and if we all really love Jericho and want to secure its future on a more supportive network, we must unify behind Shaun. He's never taken sole credit - it's not his doing that he's been contacted for interviews. He has the voice, he has the outlet and because of him, we have another opportunity to make history.

Leave your egos at the door. Don't Tread on Me - we want Jericho Season 3."

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the post. But in the end the comments are way off mark. Shaun got more credit than anybody.

Anonymous said...

shaun should die a fast and painful death for the failings of his with the jericho campaign.

i heard what jon, carol and dan said about staying on but who are they to tell us what to do?

i think shaun may have been taking orders from them all along.

Napa, CA

Rich on 3/29/08, 3:18 PM said...


I really think wishing harm on people for any reason is over the top. That is never an answer.

I will say I found it very sad that the end comments following PL reflect the post. There are those who want to promote one person and those who do not.

Somewhere along the way, these extreme views have often sidetracked the greater fan efforts away from the majority of fans who are best represented by the comments prior to PL. The same occurred in the last several posts here about Jericho. So and so is promoting this, so and so is promoting that. The word "we" is seldom used in any sentence. That is very disappointing because the original "we" element is the very reason I began covering fan efforts almost a year ago. And the very reason the show did come back.

When "I" is becomes the only discussion point, or "him" for that matter, or what you "should" do that or "he and she" should do, and "who did more" and whose "been here longer," or "who should do what because so and so told so and so who has a source" ... it buries the purpose of any effort and eventually the original intent is forgotten.

And what would that intent be? This used to be about a show and fan efforts to save a show. This used to be about whether the rating system fairly and accurately counted people, which is the basis for many good shows to be cancelled (thus the new Nuts To Nielsen campaign was a good idea). Those were the messages that attracted both the media and the general public to get behind Jericho because of what it represented.

And just to offer up how unconvincing the argument that I have not promoted "one person" enough or the same person "too much," this case study close will very likely be the last post on Jericho seen here. People who took in an interest in this show outside the fan group have no interest in the petty arguments that continually revolve around one person's plight to recognized as the originator of anything. And frankly, neither do I.

That happens in social media everyday. It's a dog bites man story. And since that argument seems impossible to stay where it belongs, it makes more sense to avoid the topic on this blog.

I'll still track fan efforts, promote well thought out stories, and keep up with many of the great fans I have met along the way, etc., but the diatribe of a few has no value to anyone.

Good luck on your efforts. I too would enjoy a Season 3, but no, not at all costs. If you were really watching the last show, you might have realized Eric Green said the same thing.


Anonymous said...

i was NOT promoting shawn at all, i would slit my wrists before i would do that.

i do not know who elevated him to such levels. while i have listened to his show, he has never stated he is the leader of anything.

but his lack of galvanizing the fans from the other sites is his black eye.

his reasons he may think are noble, but he is wrong and the failure of getting the ratings up for jericho rest soley on his head and his head alone.

hope i do not cross paths with him at the fan convention in oakley, been years since i spit in someones face but i will do it again in oakley.

Napa, ca

Rich on 3/29/08, 4:20 PM said...

That was understood. I was suggesting how much people love or hate Shaun, an online radio host, has very little to do with Jericho.

Anonymous said...

What it comes down to is this: Shaun is nothing more than a shameless and tireless self promoter who only used (and is still trying to use!) Jericho to keep himself in the spotlight.

This link was posted on other boards,
and it shows Shaun is taking credit
for every Jericho success.

He never "lead" any campaign, he isn't a radio talkshow host (Internet wanna-be, maybe) and the writer's strike pencil idea was not his neither.

He needs Jericho drama or there is no spotlight.

Ranger 819

Anonymous said...

a lynch mob for shawn in oakley sounds good to me.

napa, ca

Anonymous said...

Ranger 819, i put my name on my posts.

dont hide behind a screen name. i am devon from napa, california.

either say what your name is or go back under the rock you slithered out from under.

Napa, CA

auntvonna on 3/29/08, 9:30 PM said...

I personally am mortified that some people have hijacked Rich's blog comments to promote their own agenda. I don't know what all the personal beef is with Shaun, but it seems to me that those posting here are opposed to him taking credit where credit wasn't due. The point is, who cares? Why are you guys so personally worried about it? I think Shaun was thrust into the position he's in and he's done a lot to help the cause, no matter what. He's had the cast, crew and producers of Jericho on to discuss tactics, so irregardless of whether he deserves it or not, it just is. It's the people like you jerks that are hijacking Rich's comment board and threatening that are hindering the fight for Jericho. Maybe you are suffering from some bruised egos? Grow up! I'm so sorry Rich that you've had to deal with this. I know this isn't what you signed up for and you've shown nothing but class in dealing with these clowns.

Rich on 3/29/08, 10:41 PM said...

@auntvonna Thank you for your concern.

The address does not originate from Calif. I am placing an inquiry with the appropriate authorities tomorrow.

Unknown on 3/30/08, 2:34 PM said...

Rich --

As chairman of the Guardians of Jericho (the group who is hosting Jerichon 2008 in Oakley, KS this Memorial Day weekend) I can only express my dismay and horror at the comments above. At no time, and under NO circumstances, is the threat of physical violence against another human being acceptable or appropriate. Disliking and disagreeing with someone is perfectly normal, however making threats of physical harm is NOT.

The GoJ do not in any way, shape or form advocate this behavior, and will take what steps we can to make Jerichon a safe, enjoyable event for everyone who attends. Shaun was invited to Jerichon to provide a bridge between the convention and those Jericho fans who cannot attend; to see such threats made against him is just appalling.

Jerichon is not and will never be a battleground. Jerichon is the physical embodiment of Jericho fandom, and as such welcomes ALL fans. Jerichon is neutral ground where fans can come to meet the guests, have some fun, and preserve the ideals and honor of Jericho. It is not an "us vs them" scenario. It will not be turned into a war-zone, nor will Oakley. As has been said more than once in this fandom, there is room for EVERY person and every idea. There may be personal differences between fans, but do not bring them to Jerichon. Park the personal agendas at the door, please.

I also find it contemptible that Rich's blog is being used in such a manner. From the initial "save Jericho" campaign, Rich has been support of our efforts, and offered good advice on how to and NOT to proceed. His blogs have been insightful, thought-provoking and, above all, honest. He has never once set forth any ideas which are not built on a solid foundation of logic, experience and rationale. To see the comments section turned into a battle-ground is equally as appalling as the above threats to Shaun's life.

I speak for the entire GoJ board when I say should anyone even think of carrying out such threats as a "lynching" at Jerichon, appropriate steps will be taken to secure the safety of each person at the convention. Shaun, and anyone else should rest assured they are safe to attend Jerichon. The GoJ will take a firm stand on this.

Rich, I admire and support you, and regret things have come to this most unfortunate point. You have handled this matter with the calm aplomb of a professional. Thank you for continuing to be an example for all of us.

Chairman, Guardians of Jericho

Anonymous said...

As a member of the G of J Board let me first say that I do not subscribe to the rather emotional and confrontational posting by our chairpeson. It was posted without the aprpoval of the board. As for me, I am speaking for myself.

That being said, Jerichon is a site for fan enjoyment and not for argument confrontation or violence. I know that sometimes the emotions run high and people say things they do not really mean. That's ok for message boards but not for conventions. At Jerichon we need to put that aside and enjoy each others company while promoting the show.

Personally I have great respect for Shaun. I have great respect for all fans that worked so hard to try to save the show. We should not get into the blame game. All fans are welcome at Jerichon and it is a great place to shake hands and bury the hatchet - and not in someone's back.

Please take note that as in the past, there will be security at Jerichon. I know that everyone will act repsonsibly and that there will be no incidents. The town of Oakley will wlecome all fans and of course any one who starts trouble will be dealt with accordingly purusant to the laws of the State of Kansas.

Although I will personally nto be at Jerichon 2008, and in fact will be leaving the G of J board I hope everyone has a great time.

Sweet Tea on 3/30/08, 5:03 PM said...

"rather emotional and confrontational posting by our chairpeson."

What post did you read? Morgan is an asset to this fandom. I'm surprised you would be this negative to her comments when she has done nothing but give her all to Jerichon and the fans. There is no more emotion or confrontation in her posting than is in yours. I am shocked that you would publish such a comment. I would think you could be supportive of the chairperson instead of knocking them down.

Aithne on 3/30/08, 6:27 PM said...

First, I would like to say, Rich, that this blog entry was eloquently written.

Second, I do not believe that anyone has a right to threaten harm to anyone. You may not agree with a person's actions, but that does not give you the right to attack them.

Third, JerichoJohn highlights an issue that has been going on for some time -- The lack of reading actual posts before jumping to conclusions. As was said, Morgan has been working hard towards Jerichon 2008. She has been out there, speaking to fans when other members of the board have hid in the background and showed little effort to find out what the fans are interested in. I agree with Jericho Returns that your attack was uncalled for within this fandom.

Anonymous said...

i got carried away and i am sorry to rich and everyone else that was hurt by my words

been going through alot and i vented in the wrong forum.

Napa, CA


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