Friday, September 12


Anonymous said...

I think the promise of easy comprehension makes a good catch. Ten ways, three steps, the five rules, etc. etc. etc. but I’m still guessing the 11 herbs and spices.

Gotta be something to it.

Anonymous said...

How about "10 ways to say thank you for the link"!



Anonymous said...


These are great! Thanks for I have a LOT of editing to do!

Rich on 9/15/08, 11:10 AM said...

@Kevin Yes, there is something to it, unless it's forced. I've always been big on "threes," "fives," and "tens." Not so big on "rules," "commandments," etc.

@Blog Bloke My pleasure. I do like many of your points.

@Greg Great to hear. Just remember my one rule ... "there are no rules." Ha! :) Extraordinary results often come out of ideas that bend or break the rules in total.


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