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Creating Connections: Blog Rolls, Favorites, Networks

Several months ago, on Christmas day, Seth Godin did something nice for a few dozen blogs. He posted them on his blog and encouraged people to visit. David Maister does something similar. He recognizes people who contribute to his blog via comments and trackbacks every month (I can't imagine how long that takes!). Scott Baradell at the Idea Grove does it from time to time too.

One of my favorite quotes from General George S. Patton is "Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way." And with that in mind, I'm inclined to follow and share some insights into the eclectic mix of blogs I visit and why (and no, they're not all on my blog roll). I'm not including everyone today to keep things manageable, but there's always a next time. Alpha order:

AgencyNext is a public relations firm that has taken a hard stand on seeing social media be taken seriously. I'm looking forward to seeing the outcome of their move from WordPress to Squarespace.

Blogversity. Amitai Givertz doesn't spend much time there these days (you're more likely to find him on Recruitomatic or RCI Recruitment Solutions. Without question, Ami puts the "T" in transparency. (He's often right to do it.)

Exceler8ion is Julian and Shannon Seery Gude's take on the world of social media and online recruitment marketing. Still one of the more visually appealing blogs I've come across with good content to boot. They test run tech too, sorting through the widgets to see what sticks.

FolioVision is a Bratislava-based international Web design and marketing company that has a lot to say about search engine optimizers, paid links, and theme sponsorship. The writing is solid and cuts right to the point.

John Cook's Venture Blog is the perfect example of how a reporter can make business reporting as exciting as it could be while embracing social media. Smart reporting in real time, all the time.

Liz Strauss is a perfect virtual manager who has the uncanny ability to write about what many of us do, except she can usually do it with fewer words. She offers skills and support to people working outside the traditional work setting.

Passion, People and Principles by David Maister is quite possibly the best blog to find a strategic management and business discussion taking place, right about now. Communicators who don't get "executives" really owe it to themselves to expand their knowledge base. Read Maister and you will.

Spin Thicket is the ultimate collection of communication and public relations critiques. There's nothing better. If you're not sure what to write about, you can always find something there. Scott Baradell's company's blog, Media Orchard by the Idea Grove, is equally well done. His buzz word index is red hot.

Recruiting Bloggers is the second home to the Recruiting Animal. He's the barn burner of the recruting world with a no-nonsense approach to just about anything. People love him, hate him, and everything in between. He's the reason I like recruiters.

Seth Godin. When Godin doesn't have something to say about the buzz in marketing, he makes it. It's about that simple, IMO. One of several blogs that I've shuffled over to Technorati favorites.

Tala Azar. I've read Tala Azar's blog for several years, even before I even started this blog, which is pretty amazing since she's 16. She's a great writer and it provides me a break from business. Her sister has a pretty nice blog too.

ToughSledding. Bill Sledzik consistently brings common sense to communication topics. He likes to point out he's not a "power blogger," but if I was a betting man ... he will be one day.

That rounds a dozen (and related) places I enjoy, all for different reasons. If you want to find even more beyond my sometimes changing blog shuffle, you can find more here, here and, very soon, here. The latter, RecruitingBlogs.com, I'll be writing more about next week or so.

In sum, there is no obvious connection to most of my lists, except that they are all great communicators with diverse styles. It's a mixed bag to be sure, but then again, I think communication folks like me need a mixed bag. It's all too easy to get lost in an area of expertise and miss out on what's happening next door, down the street, or across town.


Scott Baradell on 5/1/07, 4:54 PM said...

Thanks for the mention, Rich. Some good resources here

Bill Sledzik on 5/2/07, 6:04 AM said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Rich. That makes two people who think I have a shot at the big time -- you and my mom. At 53, I'd best get my butt in gear.

Rich on 5/2/07, 9:40 AM said...

Scott, It was my pleasure and thank you.

Bill, I'm honored to be included with such excellent company. And hey, I thought 53 was the new 33. ;)

Tala Azar on 5/10/07, 11:01 AM said...

It's a bit odd being grouped with these blogs, but I feel honoured too. :) Thanks, and I'm glad that my scribbled thoughts bring some pleasure to a few.

Rich on 5/10/07, 12:05 PM said...

Tala, Thank you so much for the comment.

At a glance, I can see how you might wonder where you fit in the mix, given the company. :) But you know, I find your "scribbled thoughts" are (and have been) genuine, authentic, and thought-provoking. Who can ask for more than that? Maybe someone else, but not me. I'm a fan for as long as you have it.

All my best.

Amitai Givertz on 5/11/07, 5:26 AM said...

Rich, thank you so very much for saying nice things about me and for including me in such good company!

Rich on 5/12/07, 8:27 AM said...

Amitai! The pleasure is and was all mine!


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