Monday, May 28

Doing Good:

Today,, one of the fastest-growing social blog directories on the Internet, has inspired hundreds of bloggers to do good by challenging them to write about and raise funds for, a non-profit organization that brings teachers and donors together to fund specific student projects that range from a "Magical Math Center" ($200) to "Cooking Across the Curriculum" ($1,100) program.

As evidenced by BlogPulse, the social awareness campaign is working with DonorsChoose receiving almost 15 times more exposure on the Internet than any previous day. If this awareness translates into donations, BlogCatalog members will be responsible for raising $25,000 for

Even if members do not make their donation mark, the campaign still succeeds in raising awareness for this worthwhile nonprofit. Such exposure is likely to translate into donations in the weeks and months ahead. is a member of the Omidyar Network. The Omidyar Network is a mission-based organization established by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar and his wife, Pam.

“Internet social networks from MySpace to Facebook are receiving a ton of media and Internet attention, but we have yet to see an online social community come together to raise funds for a good cause,” said Antony Berkman, president of “We also see this as an opportunity to empower and recognize bloggers to collectively focus their blogs for good.”

Berkman said depending on the success of the challenge, will develop a community service page to host and promote more blog events in the near future. is the first social network directory to organize its members to raise funds for a specific non-profit organization.

To see how the challenge unfolded, visit the Discussion. There, you will find Berkman's original request as well as links to many of the blogs that have taken up this challenge.


Rich on 5/29/07, 5:07 PM said...

Famous First Words:

"We've already [raised enough to fund] resources to 844 students and supported 2,298 hours of instruction and homework!" — Antony Berkman, president of


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