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Expanding Jericho: Season Two Fan Fiction

It seems Jericho fans had plenty of reason to cheer this week. CBS recognized fans for sending custom label water bottles; launched a blog called The Salty Scoop; made plans to promote Jericho Season 2 at Comic-Con in San Diego; and sent out a promising message from Nina Tassler, president of CBS Entertainment, publicly stating that while the rerun ratings are modest, 23 percent of the viewers currently watching first season Jericho reruns never watched the show before (hat tip to Jericho Saved).

“Just as encouraging, this research shows that one million viewers who left the show after the mid-season hiatus have returned this summer to catch up on the episodes they missed,” Tassler said. “We still have a LONG way to go. But, I wanted to share this news and express our continued appreciation for your support of " Jericho." You have quickly and firmly established "Jericho" as the show with the most passionate and vocal fan community on television. Please keep spreading the word.”

All right. We’ll lend an unofficial assist that we will promote deep …

Every now and again, I have an idea that I want to see come to fruition. One of them is the expansion of the Jericho Universe. While the waters have been tested a bit by fans, we kicked an idea around the office last week on how we might capture new viewers while expanding the Jericho Universe. Done.

Expanded Universe Short Story Competition

The Story. Write a 250- to 1,000-word short story about something happening in the expanded universe of Jericho (outside of Jericho) with original characters. While Jericho can be mentioned, please refrain from using anything that may interfere with future plot lines. Your name and address must be included on the e-mailed entry (we will publish pseudonyms upon request).

The Submission. Please submit the story in the body of an e-mail (no attachments, please) to by no later than 5 p.m. PST on Aug. 17, 2007.

Entry fee. Nada. Zero.

First Place.
• The story published on the Copywrite, Ink. blog on Sept. 2, 2007
• An authentic hand-signed autographed picture of Skeet Ulrich (above)
Jericho- The first season on DVD (upon release)
• Choice of Copywrite, Ink. “Covering Nuts” or “Remember Jericho” T-shirt

Second Place.
• The story published on the Copywrite, Ink. blog on Sept. 9, 2007
Jericho– Official 11x17 reproduction poster
• Choice of Copywrite, Ink. “Covering Nuts” or “Remember Jericho” T-shirt

Third Place.
• The story published on the Copywrite, Ink. blog on Sept. 16, 2007
• Choice of Copywrite, Ink. “Covering Nuts” or “Remember Jericho” T-shirt

Winners will be announced on Aug. 31, 2007. Entry assumes that you agree to grant us first electronic rights (only) for publication on this blog in the event you win. If you do not win, you retain all rights. And by entering, you also agree that the story you submit is your own original work.

Tips. As we tell any writers, be accurate, clear, concise, human, and conspicuous. Since we are writers, spelling and grammar count. We also reserve the right to edit the stories and/or not award some or all prizes if no suitable entries are submitted.

If you are unfamiliar with Jericho, you might visit the Emmy-nominated site for backgrounders. If you have any questions, feel free to comment.

If you need additional inspiration, visit tomorrow because I’ll be posting a fan-fiction piece that I wrote last weekend (geez, hope you like it). Naturally, my example is not eligible to win nor can anyone else employed by Copywrite, Ink. enter.

Disclaimer: "Jericho” and its related characters are the property of CBS Paramount Television Network and Junction Entertainment. This contest is solely for entertainment purposes. Copywrite, Ink. is not affiliated with CBS or Junction Entertainment.



Sweet Tea on 7/28/07, 7:27 AM said...

Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!! You're the best, Rich! A real picture of Skeet............ Later.

Unknown on 7/28/07, 7:49 AM said...

This is a wonderful opportunity and so much fun. Thanks again Rich!


SaveJake on 7/28/07, 7:59 AM said...

You had me at Skeet.....!!!

What a great idea! Can't wait to read yours tomorrow....

Thanks again Rich.

Tracy on 7/28/07, 9:00 AM said...

I love this idea! Rich, may I ask what exactly you're looking for in these stories? I would love to write one about the millions of people that were heading to a warm place - they are mentioned in the episode "Heart of Winter" I believe. Would that be suitable?

Rajalakshmi Ganeson on 7/28/07, 9:08 AM said...

is this a US- only competition??

if i joined and win, do you send it to Malaysia ?


just askin !!

Rich on 7/28/07, 9:17 AM said...

I'm very glad to see the surprise was not a let down! We thought it would be fun and are actively promoting this in places where people do not watch Jericho to attract interest in the show (and give the fans something fun). Plus, Skeet doesn't sign often... bonus! :)

Tracy, that would be perfectly suitable story line. And Yours Truly, although accounting might not like it, hee hee, anyone can enter. In the event a Malaysian wins, we will ship there. I do ask the stories be written in English though. :)

All my best,

Rich on 7/28/07, 9:30 AM said...

From the CBS message boards:

"I absolutely love this idea! I want to make a story but I'm not exactly sure what is expected in it, such as does it matter where the characters are? Does it matter if the characters are one that has been "mentioned" in the Jericho storyline?"

It does not matter where the characters are. They can be anywhere in the world (in Jericho Universe, of course). If they are mentioned in the Jericho storyline, but seem to have no reasonable means to return, then that's fine. Several characters have left Jericho and seem unlikely to return.

There are no expectations, we're just hoping for some great stories. And it might fun for people unfamilair with Jericho to see, first hand, why people really like it.

Best, Rich

Kmac on 7/28/07, 9:42 AM said...

What a wonderful idea, thanks so much for doing this!
God, I wish I had writing talent!lol

kestral on 7/28/07, 10:10 AM said...


Thank you again for another great article on Jericho. I think your idea is FANtastic (pun intended)!! This is a great way to get the fans more involved and have fun while recruiting new fans as well. Once again, I am inspired by your brilliance! ROCK ON!!

Tracy on 7/28/07, 11:17 AM said...

Thank you, Rich! I am totally loving this idea! I'm getting started immediately. Now that I think of it, is this contest open to Canadians as well?

Thank you so much!


Kay on 7/28/07, 11:18 AM said...

Great proposal, Rich. I've dabbled in writing some fan fiction, but not for "Jericho". Looking forward to trying my hand at this challenge. Hey, anything for the sake of promoting the show, and thanks once again for all you do!

Rich on 7/28/07, 1:39 PM said...

Thank you. It's much appreciated.

Yes, even Canadians may submit stories. (joke ... I seem to know a lot of Canadians online).

Look forward to it Kay. I haven't written any pure fiction for some time (though story telling comes in handy for advertising copy). I hope you find it to be as fun as I did. The most challenging part, I think, was trying to pen a story that would be mean something to those who watch the show and/or doesn't watch the show. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

All my best,

Unknown on 7/28/07, 3:03 PM said...

A great idea..

Not sure if I should submit a story or not..

I saw some scenes being shot for season two, I am afraid that would tilt my hand a bit..

Good idea though..

They are so happy to be back at work at the studio..Everyone I talked to was so happy to be there..

Rich on 7/28/07, 3:18 PM said...


You are more than welcome to; just keep your characters out of Jericho and away from spoilers. ;) All names will be removed prior to being read. So we won't know your story from any others.

Then, even if you do not win, you can always turn your story into a radio script. Hmmm ... ;)


Teresa Rothaar on 7/28/07, 4:50 PM said...

Great idea! Thanks for holding this contest.

Jayhawkgirl on 7/28/07, 5:24 PM said...


Just one great idea along with a great article.......Thanks !!!
Would love to have an autographed pic of Skeet : )

Unknown on 7/28/07, 8:07 PM said...

Rich, I always submit my Jericho Fanfic to the CBS site, then Rallypoint and JFF. Will you hold sole rights? After the competition is over, can I repost the story? Can you enter more than once?

Finally thanks for all the Jericho support

Unknown on 7/28/07, 8:17 PM said...

Rich: You are a hoot! What a FANTASTIC idea -- SO looking forward to your submission -- and the ones from the fans!! You ROCK :-)

Rich on 7/29/07, 9:13 AM said...

Thanks! I appreciate the enthusiasm and it really lets me know that we were able to come up with something fun.

Great questions. The writers will retain all rights; I only need first electronic rights of the winners in order to publish them and give them the exposure they so richly deserve. After the contest, you can submit or publish the stories anywhere you like. If you publish somewhere else or have a blog, place you post stories, etc., etc. I would be happy to link to it. In the event there is cause to do something beyond the contest (eg. someone contacts me about a posted story), each writer would be recontacted independently.

I think one submission is enough. In the event someone submits more than once, we will consider the last submission the actual entrant.

Really, I love all these questions. I once hosted a fiction/poetry site years ago so I am familiar with them, but for someone considering doing something like that ... the questions being asked are a great example of what needs to be considered before promoting it.

All my best,

kystorms on 7/29/07, 3:43 PM said...

This is so interesting, to be allowed to really interact on a more personal level with the story line.
I will be submitting something.... thanks so much for this opportunity, it is an honour and the prizes are very cool :-)
Mind if I link to this article Rich?

Rich on 7/29/07, 5:07 PM said...


Of course you can link to this or any other post. Your always welcome. I look forward to reading your submission too (though I won't know which one until after the fact. :)

I very touched by the excitement this seems to have generated with Jericho fans and an increasing number of people who have never seen the show. That's really what I had hoped for! :)


Tracy on 7/30/07, 12:45 PM said...

Okay, I'm really not trying to over-ask about this but I have one more question.. for now.

My story is more of a thought type than a dialogue type of a story. Is that alright?

Thank you!


Rich on 7/30/07, 12:55 PM said...


Yep. That is fine. Don't be afraid to ask. If you are asking then several dozen people might have the same question but did not what to ask. :)

There is an infinite number of ways to approach the Expanded Universe.

All my best,

Tracy on 7/30/07, 2:16 PM said...

Wonderful, thank you so much, Rich. You are very helpful.

Unknown on 7/31/07, 5:13 AM said...

No one should be surprised by the amount of interest in Jericho Fan Fic!! There are great stories on the other sites (CBS, JFF, Rallypoint, and proberly others I dont know about). When you combine a great story for us to work from, the natural intelligence of Jericho fans, and their own diverse backgrounds, it was a natural consequence

Now where is my dictionary and thesaurus . . .

Rich on 7/31/07, 8:05 AM said...

Thanks Roisin.

The best resource to get the lay of the land (as Jericho writers have made it) is right on Wikipedia (titled: Locations in Jericho).

I mentioned in my take on it, but here is the link for anyone who missed it.

Best, Rich

Tracy on 8/1/07, 10:58 AM said...

Okay, I promised that the last question would be my last but I just realized I have another one. Would there be a way to send in the address' after a prize is won? I'm not very comfortable with sending in my full address anywhere and since I'm not certain if I will win I just thought I should aks =D

Thank you, again!


Rich on 8/1/07, 12:07 PM said...


That is fine. It would be nice though if you included your city, state, which we might include when we post the winners (not the addresses). Also, keep in mind that could a delay in receiving any prizes in the event your story wins.

It is a good question and gives me the opportunity to say take online privacy very seriously. We have no intention of sharing this information with anyone nor retaining it beyond sending winners their prizes.

All my best,

Tracy on 8/1/07, 5:26 PM said...

Wonderful, thank you, again, Rich!

Unknown on 5/28/08, 4:31 PM said...

Thanks so much. I hope the contest is fun for new fans, old fans, and soon-to-be fans! There is a lot of untapped depth into this show and I think a few great stories beyond the town (by fans no less) will prove it. I'm really looking forward to reading them. :)


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