Tuesday, July 17

Flapping Over Flags: City of Las Vegas

In May, I wrote about a local controversy over Towbin Hummer's 30-by-60-foot American flag and how the Las Vegas City Council ordered it down after residents complained that it was just "too aesthetically unpleasing, too commercial, and too loud."

Today, The Las Vegas-Review Journal reports that the Las Vegas City Council will rehear the case on Aug. 1. The reason: District Court Judge Michael Villani sent the issue back to the City Council on Friday, finding that business owner Dan Towbin should have been allowed to have an attorney represent him before the council.

Adding this quick update seems especially appropriate today because while the Las Vegas City Council will discuss whether flying the American flag is "too aesthetically unpleasing," Nevada brothels were just given permission to advertise their services in Nevada counties where prostitution is illegal.



Chaffee Street Cafe` on 7/17/07, 4:28 PM said...

"Makes me want to holler…throw up both my hands."
…………………Marvin Gaye "Inner City Blues"

"Sleeping Kitten - Dancing Dog!"
………I love our Flag…no matter what size.

Rich on 7/18/07, 6:27 AM said...


Perfectly stated.

Best, Rich

Rich on 7/18/07, 6:28 AM said...

Famous Last Words:

"The judge did not indicate any other problem with the council's decision other than the failure to grant a continuance to secure counsel," Brad Jerbic, city attorney, to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Rich on 8/2/07, 5:12 PM said...


"The Las Vegas City Council voted 4-1 Wednesday to order the Towbin Hummer dealership to take down the super-sized Stars and Stripes, after officials said the 109-foot pole was too high and neighbors complained the flag flapped too loudly." — The Las Vegas Sun


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