Thursday, July 5

Protecting The Net: Network Neutrality

While we were all celebrating the Fourth of July yesterday, it was easy to forget that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has decided to abandon net neutrality and allow telecom companies to charge Web sites for access. It's a clear blow to the principle called "network neutrality" that preserves the free and open Internet.

The are only ten days left for bloggers and other people who use the net to make their case before the FCC. At Save The Internet, you can learn a lot about the importance of network neutrality. And you can add your story to the thousands who believe like I do, that the Internet belongs to the people. Congress might remember its role to protect its people wherever they may be, even online.



paigec71 on 7/5/07, 12:20 PM said...

Thanks for writing about this. I had no idea. I have sent this to all of my friends, signed the petition, etc.

Geoff_Livingston on 7/5/07, 1:12 PM said...

Verizon and AT&T have used their lobby in DC to achieve this. What a travesty of justice.

Chaffee Street Cafe` on 7/5/07, 2:29 PM said...

When I worked at WCSI, there was AT&T, VERIZON, CINGULAR, BELL, BELL SOUTH. They were forever doing shady deals under the table and changing their names back and forth. They are one and the same MA BELL company. They have a monopoly and intend to keep it. They play games and change names.

For example: In 2003 I got my cell phone through AT&T. A few months later I heard Cingular was the new AT&T. A few months ago, I heard AT&T is the new Cingular. Who is fooling whom?

I noticed besides $34.99 DSL with Verizon, since the middle of March 2007, they have been adding on about $40.00 to access the Internet. Why? I have been paying it, but I think I am going to subtract it and refuse to pay.

Perhaps if we refused to use the Internet for a week or everyone refused to pay the bill, we can snub them. Perhaps they would listen. They're really starting to tick me off!

So I visited the Save The Internet site and wrote a scathing letter and wonder if it all matters. My money is on them putting our money in their pockets.

"Sleeping Kitten - Dancing Dog!"

FYI: OIl Painting at original site.

Sweet Tea on 7/5/07, 3:27 PM said...

I wrote a letter too. I am so sick of these big corporations trying to squeeze every penny out of everybody they can.

Netconcern on 7/6/07, 8:37 AM said...

The main problem is that government regulation is almost never the best way to reach a just solution to any problem - and the internet is no different. I actually do some work with Hands Off The Internet, and the FTC is absolutely right to say we should proceed with caution which is exactly what their report stated. The FTC is concerned about all of our interests and they know its not a good idea to create new regulations when there are already ones in place.

Rich on 7/6/07, 3:16 PM said...

Thanks everyone for your additions. This is an issue I will be spending more and more time on.

The last thing we need is additional regulations when there are regulations already in place (well said net concern). I agree that telecoms are to be concerned.

Frankly, I'm surprised that AT&T is on board with this. They are one of the companies that is already moving forward toward greater diversification on the Web. Not to mention, their partnership with Apple on the iPhone seems to suggest that net neutrality would be beneficial to them.


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