Friday, July 18

Wrapping Whimpers: Biegel vs. Dentsu

I’ve received several e-mails during the last few weeks asking if I was ever going to close the case study on Biegel vs. Dentsu after an attorney-infused circus side show ended in an anticlimactic settlement. What’s to write about? Everybody lost.

After months of double talk, with some participants pandering and dismissing blogs at the same time, the two parties tied to the case have agreed nothing happened and no one said anything. Um, you know, it’s almost like calling for a do over without the group hug.

"As a result of this settlement, those allegations and claims have been dismissed, including any potential counterclaims that have not been asserted by Dentsu. Both parties retract all public statements."

Steve Hall at Adrants offered the perfect summation in his first sentence: “Yawn.” Catherine Taylor, who writes adverganza, wondered about reversals and blanket retractions. And most, including me, said nothing at all since both parties have agreed not to disclose or discuss anything else.

However, one might wonder whether the unnamed “advertising company” described as a “discrimination re wrongful termination” case and listed on The Dwyer Law Firm’s Web site is coincidence or not. The amount, which would include attorney’s fees, costs and interest (according to the site) was $55,000.

Of course, if $55,000 was the undisclosed settlement amount, and I’m not saying it was, then the personal brand and credibility damage (despite blanket retraction) was obviously not worth it, which was my original point. Case closed.



Anonymous said...

Mr. Becker has made a suggestion about my firm's website which is incorrect. The page of the website to which Mr. Becker refers has been in existence, unchanged, since September, 2007. The page lists settlements ranging from a low of $55,000 (the case Mr. Becker identified) to a high of $1.6 million. The case Mr. Becker identified as settling for $55,000was settled in 1999. There is not one word on my website related to Biegel's case. Had Mr. Becker any question about this, he could have asked me, and I would have explained it to him. He has emailed me repeatedly in the past and so knows how to find me.

Rich on 7/24/08, 9:18 PM said...

There was no need to contact you. This case is closed.

Thank you for the clarification on your Web page. You might consider updating it. It also seems I need to offer a clarification as well. I initiated one e-mail.

All the best,

Rich on 7/25/08, 8:45 AM said...

Famous Last Words:

Steve Biegel Speaks To AdAge.

So much for agreeing not to disclose or discuss anything else.


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