Wednesday, June 18

Breaking Up With Oil: GM

There’s some buzz in the advertising business as GM toys with the idea of running a spot to “break up” with oil as a fuel source. But as the saying goes, breaking up is hard to do.

"It's one spot, and it's not in its final creative treatment yet," GM spokeswoman Kelly Cusinato told Automotive News today. "We don't know if we're going to run it."

Two other commercials, created by McCann Erickson, airing on Planet Green are less blunt but do place an emphasis on GM’s continued consideration of alternative fuels. While there has always been considerable speculation about the effectiveness of green advertising, there is one message that resonates with consumers — gas prices have topped $4 per gallon.

Hummer could even be the heaviest causality of GM’s apparent plan to introduce more vehicles that rely on alternative fuels, including electric. As for the reservations in airing the advertisement? While some people speculate that oil companies might have some hold over GM, the more obvious answer is that GM doesn’t need another critic. It has plenty.



Rich on 6/19/08, 12:07 PM said...

More Words:

BusinessWeek calls it right that the story is much to do about nothing, which is why the over hyped commercial controversy has become something. As part of the ever changing communication landscape, consumers can make issues where no issues actually existed. And, if companies then react to what consumers are saying, it only serves to suggest that maybe the consumers were right. Huh? Yeah. It's crazy out there.


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