Tuesday, March 17

Playing Favorites: BloggersUnite.org

Although I was unable to attend SXSW this year, I was able to send a small piece along in my place. (For those that don't know, the SXSW Interactive Festival features five days of panel content and parties, simultaneously with film and music festivals in Austin, Texas.)

My small piece was a quick and quirky animated video that illustrates the history of BloggersUnite.org, which started as a BlogCatalog initiative two years ago. But more than that, it demonstrates how ideas are made real via the Internet.

Simply put, one person has an idea, shares it with others, and then each person uses their unique experiences to play a role in making it a reality. Over time, other participants become involved, engaged, and lend a little of themselves to the overall project or program or social network. When that happens, the realities often turn out better than anyone expected.

As a side note, there was another takeaway for me. After the avatars used in the piece became distorted across several video editing programs, I turned to Keynote for the first time. Other than having to export the project more than a dozen times before the audio bed synced, Apple's presentation software turned out to be a surprisingly versatile tool in getting the job done.

It's amazing what can be accomplished with one Apple program and a little coffee during the course of one evening from concept to creation. Keynote certainly helped me rethink what's possible from a presentation program. You can find the best quality presentation on our site through June 30.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this Rich. It was cool. Thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

i was wonderful seeing your blog, i love it soo much

Rich on 3/18/09, 7:04 AM said...

@timethief, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I had fun with the project, and it was a bonus to be able to include your avatar. :)

@dhimas, Thank you, very much. For me, it's the people that visit and comment that make it all the more worthwhile.

My best to both of you,

Me-Me King on 3/20/09, 11:03 PM said...

This is so cool - great job, Rich! I would love to promote BloggersUnited.org on my blogs. Is it possible to get a code so I can embed this, not as a post, but as a featured video?

Anonymous said...

Very Cute Rich :)

Anonymous said...

Nice idea Rich. Very good. But I also love the guitar break in the backing track


Anonymous said...


I loved this post you've written and especially the creative side and your effort and time into making this vid. Wow is my thought.

Go Tony, BC team and all of its members! #1

Rich on 3/21/09, 10:54 AM said...


It is possible and relatively each to get the code. You can find it at Revver and there are multiple formats.


We also have it stored over at YouTube, but I think the Revver quality is a little better.


Your avatar that the boys made is stunning! :)


Thanks man. I found the guitar to grow me too.


I really appreciate the feedback. The fun projects are always the best and it's nice to know that other people enjoy them too.


Anonymous said...

This was WAY cool! I very much enjoyed that little video. Clean, concise, and so interesting! Well done.

Doson on 3/22/09, 12:55 AM said...

Awww.. Interesting.
Yea I'd like to get this video for my blog (sidebar)
Is there anyway I can do it.

Gylon Jackson on 3/22/09, 1:47 AM said...

great lil video there. I like I like. I just got a iMac and I have keynote so I will have to play with it and see what I can do.

Rich on 3/22/09, 10:10 AM said...

Thank you for your support!


If you click on menu, you can pull the embed code. Or, if you prefer an alternate code, Revver will provide additional choices at the source. (We also have it up at YouTube if you prefer.)

Thanks man! Have fun with Keynote. It's saved me twice now. The other save was allowing transparencies to be downloaded into the PDF, which PowerPoint doesn't allow. Thus, it saved me from having to take 50 screen shots of my public opinion presentation and rebuilding it.

It cannot be beat for the money, and delivers a better presentation. Enjoy it!

All my best,

Anonymous said...

Your blog seems very interesting, thank you for the post!

BLOGitse on 8/24/10, 8:45 AM said...

Well done!
Your video was a good reminder - there might be a few bloggers who are against bullfighting, violence against women...
Last couple of weeks I've been thinking to give up blogging. Most of the blog posts are meaningless, empty chit chat...

But maybe I'll continue...let's see...

Thanks for sharing, have a great day!


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