Wednesday, December 19

Sneaking Peeks: Copywrite, Ink.

For the last month, we’ve been making changes to the Copywrite, Ink. site, gearing up for a great 2008. Some changes will begin spilling over here to our blog, while others simply demonstrate our continued experimentation with the integration of social media.

We’re not done.

But sometimes sharing works in progress helps inspire other people. And that is what I hope to do today. You see, there is one question I’ve learned that needs to be asked about social media by people who hesitate to include it into their marketing mix. The question isn’t “why?” The question is “why not?”

Why not begin to introduce videos using Revver or YouTube to introduce yourself or your work or something else?

Why not forego static profile pages and instead link to Linkedin, where clients and contacts can connect?

Why not skip those same old “menu bars" and make a Web site a gateway to everything else?

So that’s what we are going to do. In the weeks and months ahead, we’ll be asking “why not” a lot more often. Sure, our experimentation with integrating social media into a traditional Web sites will not work for everyone.

That’s the beauty of communication. One size does not fit all.

Of course, if you’re thinking this comes from someone who doesn’t understand the difference between small business and large corporations, please don't allow my sometimes relaxed nature fool you. It's exactly the opposite. We've worked behind the scenes with the 9-1-1 National Emergency Number Association, American Greetings, Fidelity Investments, GMAC, McDonalds, and the United Sates Air Force (to name a few).

Combined, our experience spans more than 1,000 accounts. Or, as we like to say, 1,000 secrets that very few people know about. Some of them do. And those that do also know our secrets can tip the balance between landing an account and seeing it slip away.



Anonymous said...

Nice. Looking forward to the new do.

Rich on 12/19/07, 10:06 AM said...

Thanks Ike,

I really appreciate it. We'll see how seamless I can make it; little bits and pieces at time ... somewhere in between the work. :)


Hawksdomain on 12/19/07, 11:42 AM said...


Thank you so much for sharing this! I find this very inspiring, and I must admit, I will be checking out your website in depth. In reading this, a light bulb has just gone off on how I may be able to help promote the company I work for a bit more. Bringing this all together, the social with the corporate is very interesting.

At first, as I have seen some places pop up in the social sites, I have questioned whether these were legit, was it really these corporations, and how would there be a way to prove or disprove it?

In following your blog, a company I would not know in my every day life, I am seeing how the larger corporations can move into the social scene, and I think it would be a brilliant move. All companies want to be where their potential clients are and as society as a whole is becoming more and more computer/internet savvy, the social sites are where they need to be.

OK, as usual, I am rambling and my paragraphs probably don't even make sense to anyone but me, with how my mind jumps from thought to thought!

Anyhow, thank you for all of your blog posts and especially this one with the video. Something just really clicked for me! :)

Rich on 12/19/07, 12:04 PM said...


That is great to hear! I've looked at your company's site and would be happy to be even more specific.

All my best,

Hawksdomain on 12/19/07, 12:53 PM said...

For all of those of you in the midwest, that was just me with my little fit of happiness!

Rich, I would be ever so honored to hear your opinions! I avoided marketing like the plague in college, so any amount of help is always a good thing!

Sweet Tea on 12/19/07, 2:25 PM said...

How exciting!! I'm just about ready to bounce out of my chair.

You rock Rich!! Way to go!!


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