Friday, December 28

Making Messes: News Release Resolutions

With the fast approaching New Year, it’s no surprise that New Year's resolutions and predications are among the hottest topics across the wire.

Sure, some journalists scramble for such tidbits because their readers expect it, doubly so when the space between Christmas and New Year's seems painfully short. But that’s hardly a reason to force a media release into a prediction or faux resolution piece, hoping it might get picked up as mainstream filler.

Here are five of my favorites, but not because they are true.

• released that quitting your job might be a good resolution because 77 percent of its visitors are dissatisfied with their jobs and are planning to look for a new career opportunity.

You think? If they were satisfied with their jobs, they probably wouldn’t be on to begin with.

• Transitions Lenses released that keeping New Year's resolutions is a matter of perseverance. “To stay true to your resolutions, experts recommend choosing realistic goals, like visiting your eye doctor yearly,” they say.

Geesh. If you're going to lower your expectations that much, there isn't much point in making a resolution in the first place.

• The Texas Society of CPAs came up with a boatload of “helpful hints” for meeting financial goals, including “paying off debts” and to “start saving.”

Sure, it’s pat advice. So pat, I can tell you that without being a CPA.

• A Body Worlds 2 (an exhibit in the Bay area) release suggests: everyone “Get fit. Drink less alcohol. Quit smoking. Spend more time with friends and family. Visit cultural events. Seek out educational activities.”

While the exhibit looks pretty neat, these tend to be the six most common resolutions people make every year anyway. Yawn.

• Sixty-two percent of respondents to the Turnaround Management Association's annual Trend Watch Poll said that homebuilders will face the "greatest financial and/or operational difficulties" next year.

Hmmm. Maybe the housing market will continue to be in a slump as long as experts continue to tell us it’s in a slump. (Hat tip to Wells Fargo for releasing the slump will not be as bad as some fear.)

Well, if you can't beat them, join them. I have a resolution suggestion too. Public relations professionals might resolve to save their clients about $400 per wire submission in favor of releasing ... drum roll ... relevant news. Releases like these leave big messes in the morning.



Michael J. Kannengieser on 12/28/07, 1:51 PM said...

Hi Rich,
My New Years resolution is something, I think. Great post. have a Happy New Year!
My favorite the is submission, haha. Your response is on target.

Sweet Tea on 12/28/07, 2:20 PM said...

Great job. I needed that laugh today. Do they think we're idiots or are they wingnuts?

"May thieves come to steal all of your debts."

Happy New Year!

Rich on 12/28/07, 5:29 PM said...

Thanks Mike and Jane,

Glad I could give you a laugh today. Happy New Year to both of you.


Valeria Maltoni on 12/30/07, 3:10 PM said...

What I find absolutely fascinating is that we would wait for a fictitious point in time -- a date on a calendar invented by us -- to do something about... tomorrow. Why not now? Why not here?

Thank you for the always fab reads Rich. Happy New Year to you.

Rich on 12/30/07, 9:43 PM said...

Thank you Valeria,

Why not now, indeed. I actually had that in a paragraph that got struck. Just following one intention every day seems to work very nicely. :)

Happy New Year to you too.


Unknown on 12/31/07, 11:25 PM said...

Happy New Year 2008!!! May you have a prosperous year ahead.

PS: And thanks for approving me on Facebook.

Marisa Duma
Journal by The Lightbeamers, MD.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh, Rich, that was great. And a Happy New Year to you.


Rich on 1/2/08, 2:10 PM said...

@ichaduma You bet! Thanks for inviting me.

@Alan And Happy New Year to you. I was very impressed with your BlogStraightTalk post. You given me a lot to thing about as soon as these deadlines are off my desk! :)



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