Monday, October 27

Talking About Social Media: Solutions Stars Video

Geoff Livingston released a sneak peak of NetworkSolutions' upcoming Solutions Stars Video, a 45-minute video that compiles an overview of social media for small businesses from the viewpoint of several pros across nine different topics:

• Building Web Presence
• The Social Opportunity
• Start with Listening
• Strategy Drives Outreach
• You Need Social Networks
• To Blog or Not to Blog
• Visibility Through Search
• Rising Above the Noise
• Time Demands

The video will be released online at 1 p.m. this Wednesday, Oct. 29. It will also be available on Facebook and Yahoo Events, and includes a chat session with some participants.

The sneak peak includes sound bites from Brian Solis, Rohit Bhargava, Tim Ferriss, Steve Hall, Toby Bloomberg, Ryan Anderson, Darren Rowse, David Alston, Mari Smith, Liz Strauss, and Paul Chaney.


Anonymous said...

I really believe that social media is a great tool for businesses. However, not many people believe in the power of social media. They said there're too many social media to choose from, facebook, twitter, myspace etc, and most don't want to spend time everyday listening on what people are talking about. It's their lost.

Shashi Bellamkonda on 10/29/08, 6:32 AM said...

Thanks for helping us spread the word about the Solutions Star Video conference today Oct 29th. We are excited with the help we received from experts to talk about how Small Business can use new media and tools. The commitment as Network Solutions Social Media Swami is to earn Karma points for Network Solutions by enabling a conversation between the experts and small business.

Shashi Bellamkonda
Social Media Swami | Network Solutions

Rich on 10/29/08, 10:02 AM said...

@my I think that is changing. So many people are passively engaged in social media with many not even realizing they are reading blogs, etc. Most studies show the trend is toward social media, even among those who pretend to dismiss it.

@Shashi My pleasure. I was surprised to see that my cameo made it off the editing room floor. ;) It was also great to meet you at BlogWorld.


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