Thursday, January 17

Catching Buzz: Richard Becker

On Jan. 4, Geoff Livingston tagged me with the popular “eight random things about you” meme, but with all the great questions recently posed by Livingston and Larissa Fair in my interview at The Buzz Bin today, the last thing I want to do is talk about me.

So this time around, I’m going to cheat the meme by directing my response to the first time I was tagged with it. You can find it over at RecruitingBlogs. Yes, that meme is the same “random eight things about me” meme that forced me to defend one of my many stranger than fiction stories.

So what I would like to do instead is to add some additional insight into something I mentioned in the interview.

Welcome, Sweat

Popular Jericho blogger Barbara Sweat (aka Jane Sweat) will be interning with us as an online research assistant, effective Feb. 1. Having watched her skills evolve over the last eight months has been very rewarding, punctuated by her interview with writer Matt Federman today.

We offered the internship to Sweat so she could start getting her feet wet in professional communication beyond social media, which she already has a strong grasp of from the perspective of an independent blogger. (Enough to win Best TV Blogger on the Hey!Nielsen site. She has received ample recognition for her blogs elsewhere too.)

While her blogs remain independent of the work we do, it’s my hope her work with us will turn into some amazing opportunities. In some ways, she herself is becoming an example of parlaying a personal blog into a professional opportunity.

On the surface, this might seem avant garde to a few, but not so much to me. We managed 40 writers around the world for a hospitality trade publication several years ago (and still work with several), much the same way: we sourced their resumes, asked for work samples, and gave them assignments via e-mail. Before that, I would pitch and write articles for magazines by contacting editors through the mail. What’s the difference?

I appreciate that some people will never adopt social media, but I do think the time has come for some to let go of the notion that new technology and tools somehow changes everything.

On the contrary, they don’t change what is done, just the way it is done. That said, I’d like to tag some other people for the “eight random things about you” meme, starting with Jane Sweat.

I’ll also tag three more bloggers who deserve some long overdue recognition for helping me with the >BlogStraightTalk group at BlogCatalog: Alan Jobe, Dane Morgan, and Mark Stoneman. I couldn’t do it without them.

Likewise, I'd like to extend an additional thanks to Livingston and Fair. It’s an honor to have been included. I truly appreciate the hospitality.


terocious on 1/17/08, 10:55 AM said...


Debby on 1/17/08, 11:10 AM said...

I can't wait to read more of Jane's work. It is amazing what she has been able to accomplish as an independent blogger. I am sure she will learn a great deal through the internship and become an even better journalist.
Debby from SC

Sweet Tea on 1/17/08, 12:37 PM said...

Thank you Rich. Anybody who knows me knows how much I respect Rich and his work. This is such an honor for me that words can't communicate how I truly feel. To be given this opportunity exceeds my wildest dream.

My gratitude knows no bounds and I will give this internship the very best I have.

AmyV on 1/17/08, 1:40 PM said...

Jane is an excellent choice. Congrats to you both!

kystorms on 1/17/08, 4:03 PM said...

Congrats to Jane and to you as well Rich, your getting an awesome writer to work with you.
Jane deserves this, her blog is great!

Anonymous said...

Nightbird says,

Congrats to Jane for this amazing opportunity. You do our community proud.

Awesome, Rich, for the recognition of Jane and the others.

Rich on 1/18/08, 8:13 AM said...

Thanks everyone.

I really appreciate you taking the time to welcome Jane to our extended team. She's a great person, tireless researcher, and promising writer.

And Jane, no need to thank me. As it has been pointed out, this is clearly a win-win.

All my best,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag, Rich. I responded to it today on Chain Drop:

Rich on 1/19/08, 7:43 AM said...

You're very welcome Alan.

I love how how you responded to the meme too. A very excellent approach.


MS on 1/20/08, 6:33 PM said...

I've never done a meme before, but now that I have a personal blog, I decided to do it. It's not on Clio and Me, which you tagged, but Stoneman's Corner instead.

Rich on 1/21/08, 4:59 PM said...

Thank so much Mark!

That was a great 8 piece. It was interesting and I really enjoyed it.



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