Friday, November 23

Filling Canvas: Ten Bloggers

Yesterday, I mentioned being thankful for social networks, especially BlogCatalog, because they connect me with bloggers who help me keep it real.

What I mean by that is that, all too often, the conjecture of social media measures, especially popularity, is promoted as the end all measure. And, as a result, blog readers tend to give more weight to blogs that are “popular,” sometimes overlooking many that have value or even influence influencers, without much credit or thanks.

I am thankful for all of them.

You see, while I mostly write about business communication, I'm often reminded that most definitions surrounding social media are as erroneous as any that have been attempted to define art, except one.

Well, art is art, isn't it? Still, on the other hand, water is water. And east is east and west is west and if you take cranberries and stew them like applesauce they taste much more like prunes than rhubarb does. Now you tell me what you know. — Groucho Marx

Here is an eclectic mix of ten blogs (alpha order), with a Technorati authority under 100, to represent thousands we’re thankful for, many for very different reasons. They also represent why social media is nothing more than a blank canvas until someone fills the space.

Ami G’s Blogspot is billed as his personal page of public consumption. Every day, he captures some of the more poignant thoughts from around the Internet in fields that most marketers would never think to look at. He picks them, he says, because they amuse, interest and engage him. What you’ll find: A collection of everything below the surface.

AntiBarbie isn’t for everyone, but she certainly knows her readers. She presents an unabashed gritty viewpoint, and occasionally short prose and poems. Some of the best of it even touches on blogging with posts like “How Not To Make Friends Blogging.” What you’ll find: A glimpse into what people might really think of popularity pandering.

Sean Unruh’s photoblog, Dust And Rust, presents a candid mix of striking and not-so-striking shots. His most recent additions, Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, are among my immediate favorites. What you’ll find: Unabashed objective reviews of the photographer’s work along with some brilliant shots.

EXCELER8ion is Julian and Shannon Seery Gube’s take on the world of social media, interactive marketing, and technology. It’s one of the cleanest, visually engaging blogs out there that shapes social media by working it rather than hypothesizing about it. What you’ll find: strategy behind tactics.

Living Zimbabwe is a brand new eye-opening blog focused on Zimbabwe, a landlocked country located on the southern part of Africa, north of South Africa. It’s currently suffering a disastrous humanitarian crisis, plagued by drought, an HIV/AIDS epidemic, and government reform. As of mid-2007, more than a quarter of the population has fled abroad, including its author who is currently living in New Zealand. What you’ll find: whatever you bring with you.

In addition to its movie rating system, Moviecat artistically infuses cats into the movies because author Rob G proclaims “Well, why not!” It’s simple, fun, and visually appealing at a glance, which makes it a fine example to illustrate that blogs are whatever you make them. What you’ll find: imaginative graphic art and something that will make you smile, whether you’re a cat and a movie fan or not.

Jack Payne says he doesn’t have a clue what his Technorati rank for Six Hours Past Thursday might be. Mostly he writes about the art of being a con man in virtually every profession. One of his most recent posts includes common con man language; words employed by, gasp, many of my colleagues. What you’ll find: How to turn a phrase.

Theresa Hall’s Sleeping Kitten Dancing Dog blends blogging, art, photography, and pastry. She was one of the first to re-greet me on BlogCatalog after the new owners made changes that intrigued me several months ago. She occasionally reminds me to keep it light, as light as a buttered croissant. What you’ll find: A few dozen reasons to be hungry.

SU Com is a dual BlogCatalog/Twitter find, which was started to provide hints and tips to optimize StumbleUpon. Since, Teeg has added comments other tools and technologies from time to time. All of it is presented in an engaging conversational style that separates this blog from techno-stiff tips that people have to sift through to find answers. What you’ll find: Tech tips in plain English.

Bill Sledzik says he sometimes feels marooned in between the Cult of the Amateur and The Cluetrain, which makes him one of the more balanced voices about social media. I don’t always agree with him, but I wouldn’t like him if I did. Tough Sledding is one of the most overlooked but relevant public relations/social media blogs out there. What you’ll find: balance.



Anonymous said...

Great post and some great blogs

Rich on 11/23/07, 2:16 PM said...

Thanks Chris,

So is Gottoread.


Anonymous said...

I am very honored to have been chosen among all the bloggers on BC that volunteered to have their blog highlighted. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit and I'll certainly have to check out the others on this list.

Have a great weekend!

- Dawn aka the AntiBarbie

Rich on 11/23/07, 4:51 PM said...

Thanks Dawn,

Yes, most of them came from that list; some I've known for awhile, and others are bloggers who I'd like to see get more attention.

There are great number of people who have very different and distinct styles of how they employ and engage in social media. I'd glad to see more of them receiving the attention they deserve.

All my best,

Anonymous said...

Rich, Thank you so very much for your kindnesses. They are numerous, too. I can easily say that what your readers will find on your web logs is excellence. As ever, it is a pleasure to visit you and count you as one of my very first cyberspace friends. Happy Thanksgiving Weekend.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for including me in your post. I was nicely surprised to see it this morning.

Rich on 11/24/07, 7:57 AM said...

Theresa and Sean,

Well deserved on both counts.

Theresa's given me ample ideas for the holidays ahead and your presence at BlogCatalog has always been a welcome surprise.

Sean, you have boatloads of talent. Naturally, I looked at more photos than Rhineback, but those shots, in particular, make me want to go there.

Truly, the pleasure is mine.

All my best,

Teeg on 11/25/07, 12:15 PM said...

Wow! Thanks Rich!

On Friday, I read over the list you posted on BC, then came here and read and reviewed your article (on SU) and still managed to totally miss the paragraph mentioning SU Com (I blame the 4 yr old that was demanding my attention). :)

I am honored to be listed among so many great blogs. Thank you again!

Teeg :)

Rich on 11/25/07, 4:00 PM said...

You're very welcome Teeg. It was my pleasure. You have something going there; and I even picked up a few tips to think about.


Amitai Givertz on 11/26/07, 5:39 PM said...

Rich, I am really pleased that you like my little blog-thing which I produce for my friends -- like you!

More than that I am pleased that you fulfill its purpose by sharing it with friends of yours.

Please keep coming are good company.

Rich on 11/27/07, 7:04 AM said...

Thanks Ami!

Yes, it is easily a personal favorite of mine.

Your finds are often the best of the bunch; enough so I could probably start a blog just writing about your "blog-thing." Funny.

All my best,

Scott Baradell on 12/1/07, 1:39 PM said...

Good stuff, Rich.


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