Thursday, September 27

Thanking Bloggers: Copywrite, Ink.

While there are thousands of bloggers who deserve a ton of thanks as the Bloggers Unite campaign unfolds today, I wanted to thank a few who took the time to help promote Bloggers Unite and Copywrite, Ink.’s “Blog For Hope Competition” in cooperation with BlogCatalog. Many are BC members; several are not.

Jim Stroud. Jim is a "searchologist" and presently serves Microsoft as a technical sourcing consultant and is a regular contributor to Microsoft’s Technical Careers blog.

Idea Grove. Idea Grove (and the Media Orchard blog) is led by Scott Baradell, a former Fortune 1000 media company executive and award-winning journalist. He often brings reality to the public relations industry by pointing out what so many forget.

Jericho Monster. Jane Sweat is one of the leading fan advocates for the return of the television show Jericho. Since she started, she has become an expert in consumer marketing.

National Business Community Blog. Sure, the National Business Community Blog is a Copywrite, Ink. program but Kim Becker has taken over the management of it. Frankly, I don’t thank her enough.

A Piece of Peace by RubyShooZ. At the end of her post, Ruby placed one of my favorite quotes from Edmund Burke: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

My Super Amazing Blog of Everything by TriblyKat. Tribly Kat is a personal blogger who writes about, well, everything she finds interesting. She not only joined Bloggers Unite but also created a Topix post for people to leave their links outside of BlogCatalog.

Ramblings From the Mermaid Tavern. Poseidon’s Muse is a personal blogger with a profound respect and fascination for world culture, art, literature and religion.

Blog Village News. Rosemary says she is retired, but she and her family maintain several antique and collectible shops that sell everything from advertising collectibles to sports memorabilia.

A Bunch Of Wordz, a personal blog/Ezine writer who picked up on the buzz “Saving The World One Blog At A Time.”

If It’s Not One Thing It’s Your Mother and The Crone’s Daily Groan and Living On The Edge of Madness. Bairbre Sine’s pre-post promotion across three blogs made me laugh with the suggestion that someone might consider posting about Republican abuse.

365 Dias. Fabio Santos is an online marketer from Brazil who promoted the event, and the “Blog For Hope Post” competition we’re sponsoring, yesterday.

Radio Free Jericho, Jericho Rally Point, and Nuts for Jericho are three Jericho fan forums that have dedicated some behind-the-scenes time to support this effort, as has the Jericho fans who frequent the CBS Jericho site.

Recruiting Bloggers. Recruiting Animal, who runs the site, has always been great to allow me to add the occasional Maybe It Pays To Blog For Good do-good post. Ditto for Jason Davis at RecruitingBlogs too.

Contest Girl is a directory of online sweepstakes, contests, and freebies. Linda’s is also one of several contest sites that have promoted the contest portion of Bloggers Unite.

I know I missed a ton of people, including all those who supported a Technorati WTF and Digg as well. Thank you all so very, very much for supporting this effort. And of course, Antony Berkman and the BlogCatalog team. You guys rock!

And if you haven’t posted about abuse today, don’t forget that there is still time to do so. Any blogger who participates has until Oct. 10 to collect some measurements and send their link to For details, visit our original contest post. We have more recognition to extend in the weeks ahead.



Sweet Tea on 9/27/07, 2:12 PM said...

Thank you for your mention of JerichoMonster, RadioFreeJericho,JerichoRallyPoint, and Nuttsonline forums. I am always available to assist with worthy efforts as are these wonderful forums. Remember--we saved Jericho and we like helping others.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I am so honored to get a shout out in your blog for two little words. You really made my day! Heck, my whole week!

Anonymous said...

Rich - Thank you for what you do.

You possess an incredible ability to inspire people with what you do.

Very few people know this, however if it wasn't for you, it is likely that the Blogger's Unite movement would not exist.

Thanks from,
The BlogCatalog Team

Rich on 9/27/07, 3:14 PM said...

You are both very welcome. The pleasue is mine.

(BairbreSine wrote more than two word, btw. :)

More Words Update:

Go! Smell The Flowers will be donating some flowers to the Blog For Hope prizes. You can find our more about them on their Web site:

I will be joining Gylon Jackson as a guest on his BlogTalkRadio show this evening. The show, Don't Bark Bite, is donating an entire hour in conjunction with the BlogCatalog Bloggers Unite Campaign. The show starts at 11 p.m. CST (9 p.m. PST).

Rich on 9/27/07, 3:15 PM said...


What a wonderful thing to say. Thank you so much for staking time out to comment. I know things are hoping at BlogCatalog right now. :)

Here's to more good things to come!

All my best,

terocious on 9/27/07, 5:33 PM said...

Thank you Rich.

You are doing great work both behind the scenes and before our eyes.


Unknown on 9/27/07, 8:25 PM said...

Thank you Rich. I obtained some great information today thanks to this effort.

Robyn McMaster, PhD on 9/28/07, 6:27 AM said...

Hi, I participated in Stop the Abuse, but there was no clear cut place to post my link. I put it in Site Pro Plus and received directions to post my link here as well...

I think this was a worthwhile cause.

Rich on 9/28/07, 8:04 AM said...

Terocious and Openminded,

Thank you. Your comments really mean a lot because it shows that this is less about buzz and more about doing something meaningful in the world. I appreciate it.


That is a very excellent post. Please certain you consider it for the blog for hope contest.

But I am glad you left a link, because this something I might like to touch on in the near future.

All my best,

Sweet Tea on 9/28/07, 8:49 AM said...

You did us all proud on Gylon's show and isn't he a wonderful host? Many thanks to you and BlogCatalog. Together you guys are awesome!!!

Rich on 9/28/07, 1:42 PM said...


How very nice of you to say. I really appreciate it. Gylon is extremely nice. He has already asked me back so I must have done okay!

Here is the link for anyone who is interested:

The general talking points were about abuse, not communication, so please keep that in mind. :)

All my best,

Scott Baradell on 9/30/07, 1:30 PM said...

Thank YOU, Rich.


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