Thursday, January 20

Coming Soon

Copywrite, Ink. Writing Services, Inc. is a leading commercial writing services company. That means we provide words, concepts, and strategies for advertising agencies, corporate communication departments, public relations firms, publications, and other media, including blogs.

I'm the owner, but I'll save the details until later. This is just a place holder post until we have some time to launch the blog later this month, maybe this weekend. Nice to meet you too.


This was my very first post, published in 2005. Social networks were barely a blip on the radar. If you landed here for some reason, I'd suggest visiting something fresher from Words. Concepts. Strategies. or, better yet, visit ByRichardBecker on Facebook where I was sharing one short-short story a week for 50 weeks. But now I'm posting updates of my debut novel, out later in 2023.



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