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Thinking First: Fresh Content Project

If someone asked me right now what is the most important skill set a marketer or public relations professional needs to learn today, it would have nothing and everything to do with the Internet. It's called critical thinking.

Critical thinking is the foundation upon which all of their other decisions will be made. And, more importantly, it will help them realize that everything they thought to be true or learned from a teacher (or speaker) is almost always wrong for the needs and situations they will face once they work in the field.

After all, if circumstances didn't continually bend the rules that came before, we'd still be running vintage duotone ads to peddle other people's junk. Well, all right, maybe that's a bad example. Or maybe not. The campaign I'm linking to might work for Skype, but not for AT&T. And that's the point of several fresh content picks listed below. Think before you believe tip links.

Best Fresh Content In Review, Week of July 26

Sentiment Analysis And The Problem With Computational Analysis.
When Jed Hallam opened a much needed discussion on sentiment analysis, people took notice. And while most of them noticed his follow-up post more, the initial post has much more meat. The slickness of computational analysis — spitting out that a brand has a positive sentiment — based on supposed online mentions, has little to be desired. Without vetting the analysis, you really don't know what is going on with a brand, especially if it happens to be those stacked up with a common name. Think before you report.

• 10 Ways Geolocation Is Changing The World.
Guest posting and cross content posts certainly have advantages. I may have never seen Rob Reed's post on geolocation marketing had it not also appeared on Collective Thoughts. I'm glad it did. Reed, who is also the founder of Max Gladwell, provides ample examples and ideas around mobile or proximity marketing. We've often said that mobile is the future of the Web, but when you look at Reed's post, you realize that geolocation is also what will usher in most brick and mortar to the Internet in any number of creative ways.

Digital case studies: Punch Pizza.
One example you won't find on Reed's list was recently featured by Arik Hanson. Punch Pizza doesn't waste time playing by social media and social network rules. Instead, it looks at the platform and wonders how those various networks might help introduce its pies. Flickr became its coupon corner. It gave away pizzas for football fans when their teams lost. They've also capitalized on current events and hosted several creative contests. What makes this case study great isn't the numbers as much as the thought behind the campaigns. Punch Pizza asks "why not?" instead of "why?"

Brand Crisis Revisited: The Silence Of The Crisis Police.
One of the reasons Bob Conrad resonates is because he doesn't bend to convention, especially when it comes to how to handle a crisis. In this post, he tackles the apology, empathy, and getting ahead of the problem, all three of which have become the pat answers for almost everything in the crisis communication arsenal. When some people critique a crisis going afoul, these are the most mind-numbing of the bunch. It's not that they are wrong, but they deny any semblance of situation analysis. Sometimes the laundry list that is taught is not the right laundry list to employ because the shirts aren't really dirty.

Social Media Spending To Double This Year.
If there is any doubt whether social media is already mainstream for modern marketing, take a look at the report racap from Brian Solis. Almost 20 percent of most marketing budgets are now dedicated to social media. In fact, Internet marketing has taken over the top skill sets that employers are looking for from marketers. They simply cannot exist without some semblance of social media knowledge. It doesn't even matter if you are talking about B2B or B2C businesses. Most companies have finally figured out that they must market where the people are and the people are online.

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