Monday, June 1

Speaking About Social Media: IABC Las Vegas

Tomorrow, I'll be one of six presenters at the International Association of Business Communicators' (IABC Las Vegas) "Six in Sixty" program held at Maggiano's at the Fashion Show Mall. The program starts at 11:30 a.m. and focuses on various aspects of Internet marketing and social media.

Six in Sixty programs are always fun and challenging in that IABC members and guests hear presentations from six different speakers in sixty minutes. The program format ensures each speaker spends no more than 10 minutes at each table of eight before rotating to the next table. For speakers it can be challenging because delivering a similar mini-presentation several times creates an uncanny feeling of deja-vu.

IABC Las Vegas — "Six in Sixty"

Mark Cenicola with will present on the effective use of blogging to drive Web traffic.

Cheryl Bella with The Firm will present on how to maximize LinkedIn.

Ned Barnett with Barnett Marketing Communications will present social media ethics.

Bonnie Parrish-Kell with Dancing Rabbits will present SEO basics.

Megan Lane with Imagine Marketing will present on using Twitter for business.

As the sixth speaker, I'll discuss how to determine which social media tools might be best suited for specific organizations or events, based upon the organization's strategic objectives, existing communication assets, and listening to customers. As part of the presentation, I'll share some recent case studies from very diverse organizations.

IABC Las Vegas is the statewide chapter for the International Association of Business Communicators, which is an international network of professionals engaged in strategic business communication management. The chapter was founded locally in 1978. You can find more information here.


Unknown on 6/1/09, 11:36 PM said...

That's pretty cool Rich!
It should be really fun and exciting!
Good luck with it! :)

Rich on 6/5/09, 7:45 AM said...

Thanks Khizer.

As it turned out, several people reported the mini presentation turned on the lights for them. They seemed to grasp what most people miss about the Internet. It's integrated communication and situational depending on your objectives.

I used three case studies as an example:
• B2B, with the objective to become a subject matter expert
• Nonprofit, with the objective to augment public relations and build community
• B2C, with the objective to create interest and demand in a movie you might have heard about

All my best,

Atul C on 6/5/09, 11:16 PM said...

Case studies are amongst the most enlightening ways of learning. Richard even though your comment obviously does not detail much your presentation must have been very, very, very interesting.
Are you allowed to put it up?

Rich on 6/6/09, 5:38 PM said...


Thanks for your recent comments. Yes, I'll post the mini-presentation next week as my schedule allows.

My slides are usually very simple outlines compared to what I speak about, but a few modifications would make it clear enough.



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