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Sharing Quietly: Bloggers Unite For Hunger And Hope

In Fernley, Nevada, the Fernley High School National Honor Society hosted a spaghetti dinner that allowed families to enjoy a meal for free or with an optional donation. Sixty families were served, and $300 donated to Heifer International.

In Elizabethtown, Kentucky, 70 students hosted a “llama mama” picnic, which capped off a series of events to raise money for Heifer International. They raised $3,270, which was matched by an unnamed donor. It's enough money to benefit 25 families.

In Kearney, Nebraska, a local third grade elementary class became inspired by "Beatrice's Goat," which is based on a true story. They raised almost $900 to help families purchase farm animals, like goats, with Heifer International.

Small contributions add up to surprising results.

They might never know of each other's donations, but all they all understand a common cause with Heifer International and programs like it. The same can be said for approximately 10,000 bloggers who shared stories, contributed funds, and encouraged programs with Bloggers Unite: Hunger and Hope, a joint initiative to raise awareness about world hunger and the hope provided by various organizations.

First Place.Bloggers Unite for Hunger and Hope At Home by Sarah Andrews. Although she serves as communication director for Meals on Wheels, the story about her grandfather who was homeless between the ages 10 to 17, is personal.

Second PlaceBeyond Feeding The Hungry: SAME Cafe of Denver by Karen Degroot Carter. In addition to sharing an inspirational story about the SAME Cafe, she reminds her readers that world hunger is always closer than we think.

Third PlaceWhy Mia Farrow Isn't The Only Hungry One from the Share Yoga blog. The post provides some insights, and then goes on to define karma yoga and the purpose of selfless service.

These three and thousands of other blogs — So there we were, Tripletly Blessed And Loving It, Ben Spark, Caffeinated Traveller, A Writer's Words, An Editor's Eye, Double Latte Mama's Blog, and Popview — were all among those that dedicated space to the issue of world hunger and means to make a difference. And while each shared their unique perspectives, thousands helped introduce hundreds of thousands to Heifer International.

Generosity has a surprising way of connecting people.

According to Nielsen, Heifer International received ten times the awareness on April 29 during its Pass On The Gift campaign. Does it make a difference? Watch the interview with Elizabeth Bintliff on "The Colbert Report."

Who's to say what contribution is too small or how far it might go? One post? One day? One dollar? One pig? If we all thought in "can't," then maybe goats would have never arrived in Zambia and pigs will still be needed in Tanzania. Fortunately, someone thought "can" and created the connections that make it happen.

For the students mentioned above, they've taken their first steps toward a lifelong legacy of giving. For the bloggers we've highlighted here, their stories can inspire for months. And for people like Lyell (pictured above) who can count on one time support, they have an opportunity to improve lives for generations. It just goes to show that generosity doesn't come in sizes as much as it comes in unseen connections.

"Real generosity is doing something nice for someone who will never find out." — Frank A. Clark


Lillie Ammann on 5/18/09, 8:25 PM said...

Thank you for this wrapup and for sharing the inspiring examples of people who made a difference.

Sustenance Scout on 5/19/09, 5:55 AM said...

I am thrilled my post on SAME Cafe here in Denver is listed as one of the top Hunger and Hope posts! I'll be sure to let the fine people at SAME Cafe know their efforts are so appreciated.

Rich on 5/19/09, 12:08 PM said...


Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed them.


We all loved the idea and cause! Thanks so much. I'm hoping to follow up with you and profile you (as well as the other two writers in the near future). I like the idea that generosity spreads and one way to do it is to recognize those who took the time to make a difference.

Thank you both so much.

All my best,

Sustenance Scout on 5/19/09, 9:33 PM said...

Rich, I'm having lunch at SAME Cafe tomorrow and will be happy to provide additional details whenever you'd like to chat. Touch base any time and thanks so much, K.

Rich on 5/24/09, 8:05 AM said...


I really look forward to doing to exactly that. Give me a week or so. I'm really looking forward to sharing more about your contribution.

All my best,

Darla Brown on 9/5/09, 2:50 PM said...

Thank you for mentioning Share Yoga as third place winner. I just saw this!
Share Yoga


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