Tuesday, November 4

Voting In America: What Matters

It matters less who you vote for than it does that you voted, responsibly. It matters less which party wins than you have chosen the best representative. It matters less what they have promised to do than what The United States Constitution promises they will not do.

“Individual rights are not subject to a public vote; a majority has no right to vote away the rights of a minority; the political function of rights is precisely to protect minorities from oppression by majorities (and the smallest minority on earth is the individual).” — Ayn Rand


Anonymous said...

The people who came up with Prop 8 in California and Prop 2 in Floriday apparently didn't get Ayn Rand's memo. We'll see what the majority says, though I am uncomfortable about it. I always keep in mind J. S. Mill's thoughts on the tyranny of majorities.

Rich on 11/4/08, 4:07 PM said...


Ayn Rand was right, and she was not a Republican. The challenge she saw when she was alive, as we still see today, is a hard left and hard right system tends to be like burning a candle on both ends.


Neptune Rising on 11/5/08, 9:07 PM said...

I'm going to be cautiously optimistic that the people will be more vocal from here on out.

Rich on 11/6/08, 6:50 AM said...


I've always believed that people get what they deserve.

But I hope you are right.


Neptune Rising on 11/6/08, 8:32 PM said...

You are probably right but I can hope can't I? :)

Mark Neptune Rising

Unknown on 11/6/08, 10:03 PM said...

Stubbornone (Mark),

It would be a shame if you didn't. We need more people who do. :)



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