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Celebrating Mars: Fans Cheer Rumors

Reporting with an exclusive, Michael Ausiello with just fueled the fire in the hearts of Veronica Mars fans. According to Ausiello, Rob Thomas had an impromptu meeting with Kristen Bell to discuss a Veronica Mars movie.

"It's very tough to focus on it right now with two pilots on my plate," Thomas told EW. He is reworking a resurrected series called Cupid and an adaptation of the New Zealand series called Outrageous Fortune. "But as soon as I have any free time, that's my top priority."

The reason for the continued interest in Veronica Mars? The fan base, which assembled too late to save the series, has maintained that slow and steady is the pace to see Veronica Mars on, this time, the silver screen. They seem to right too. Bell admitted she misses the show and is bullish (while pretending to be modest) on the idea.

I started covering the fan base efforts more than a year ago as fans from three different cancelled series came together using social media to save their shows. At the time, Veronica Mars seemed the second most likely to succeed and a different show seemed to be an easy favorite as long as the fans stayed focused.

Things quickly began to change from there, demonstrating that social media is indeed merely a tool with mixed results that seem dependent on leadership. By the end of the year, Veronica Mars fans were able to exhibit that they had exactly that.

Sure, they may have smartly given up on short-term hopes to see the series return, and began to focus on making new fans while winning over the hearts of everyone they came into contact with in much the same way that BrownCoats gave Firefly its shot on the silver screen.

While Neptune Rising is still fairly far off from hearing a Veronica Mars movie has received a green light, everything seems to be working in the fans’ favor. In short, they were able to help boost Veronica Mars from a fan favorite into something that resembles a true future franchise.

It’s not out of the question that Thomas could take Veronica Mars anywhere — picking up where season three left off, her first year at the academy, with her own start-up detective agency, or anywhere for that matter.



Screen Siren on 8/22/08, 9:01 PM said...

Thanks for the great post! I am thrilled!

Neptune Rising on 8/23/08, 6:13 PM said...

Thanks Rich,
The possible movie news was music to our ears since it's been hard to guage what kind of impact all of our efforts have been having but we remain faithful, determined and united in our goals that we originally set out to accomplish.
Thanks for another great article :).

Mark Thompson
Neptune Rising

Pure_VM_Fan on 8/24/08, 4:39 AM said...

That's great that we now have hopes of a movie. Let's just hope that this idea is green lighted and VM can go to the big screen, or direct to DVD.

Thanks, Rich!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rich for such a great article once again.We have the passion and the faith to succeed and will keep going till we get more of this wonderful show! :o)

Anonymous said...

this news was just fantastic! maybe we are starting to make a difference. thanks for your continuing support rich!

neptune rising

Bell Ringer on 8/24/08, 9:15 AM said...

I really think a movie will happen now. There's a big demand for it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rich for all the continued interest and support!!! This news is just fantastic and shows that people really want VM back!!!

Anonymous said...

I must say I am happy to see some movement on a Veronica Mars movie. While very far from a done deal it is a first step. I do hope the fans' patience and perseverance will pay off and this will develop into a feature film. Something tells me it will.

Rich on 8/25/08, 10:01 AM said...

You're all very welcome. Special thanks to Veronica Mars fans for pointing me in the right direction. While it's not a done deal, it certainly seems to be moving in baby steps toward that conclusion.

Most often, these decisions are made based on whether the fan base is growing or imploding. And this one seems to keep growing and growing.

My hat is off to you all for placing your passion in the right place. I look forward to seeing what's next.


Kim on 8/25/08, 10:27 AM said...

I watched the show a few times when it was on the air and liked it, but never really had the chance to get into it.

Now, after watching the loaned box set of season 1 from the Neptune Rising fans, I'm hopelessly hooked.

We bought season 2 and have downloaded season 3 from iTunes.

It really is a great show and would transition so well to the big screen.

My hats off to these amazing fans.

Digi's USA on 8/25/08, 8:14 PM said...

Thanks Rich for all your support. Whilst we try to do our bit, media attention is also important for us and you have certainly been very supportive. If VM makes it to the big screen we can thank people like you for helping us get there

Neptune Rising

Horus on 8/26/08, 7:25 AM said...

It's so great to see that most people writing about a possible Veronica Mars movie are very supportive of both the movie and the fan base. We are all thrilled by the possibiliy, and we are so greatful to anyone that helps us give the attention it needed!

Luiz Mendes
Neptune Rising

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rich!

We are greatly anticipating Rob Thomas and company moving forward with a Veronica Mars movie.

Neptune Rising

Rachel on 8/26/08, 9:27 AM said...

We want to thank you for another great article! You are an asset to the Veronica Mars fandom!! Thanks again for everything you do.

Neptune Rising

Anonymous said...

Aloha Rich!

Thank you so much for this great article!! The fans of Veronica Mars have really been energized by this news...even if only a "rumor" right now.

Veronica Mars fans have been patient and persistent and we hope that it'll make a difference--blogs like yours certainly do!!

Thank you, Rich, for your support of the show and the fans.

Neptune Rising

Rich on 9/1/08, 8:18 AM said...

Thanks Rachel and Ranwolf,

I'm not sure if you saw, but Michael Ausiello from EW ran a second story that says a Veronica Mars movie is high on Rob Thomas' to do list.

Thomas added that it would likely keep Veronica Mars in college as opposed to an FBI scenario as I suggested. (The FBI scenario was originally floated if it would have helped secure season 4). But mostly, he would keep her in college to bring back other characters.

It seems to me this is moving is the right directions for fans. You all are making a difference.



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