Monday, May 26

Sharing Silence: Memorial Day

A bugler blows taps. Memorial Day. Margraten Cemetery, Holland. 1945.


Anonymous said...

Hello Rich,
omegetymon.I wish to sincerely THANK YOU,AGAIN,for you presenting the op
portunity of bloggers unite.
The photo reminds me of when we'd go
to Washington,D.C. for their Cherry
Blossom time.
If you'd go to
read 'MISTER EDWARDS', enjoy.

Rich on 5/29/08, 11:09 AM said...

Thank Del! I've become very passionate about using social media for outreach and engagement.

I also enjoyed your blog, though I still have to read the entry you cited. (Sorry for the late reply too. Even I take a holiday once in awhile.)


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