Tuesday, April 8

Going Green: Eco Engagement

Loomstate, a casual fashion brand that aimed at creating a demand for certified organic cotton using socially and environmentally responsible methods of production, was an early entrant in green fashion. The concept by designers Rogan Gregory and Scott Hahn, dates back to 2004. It was a great idea that just got better.

By partnering with the Sundance Channel and Barneys New York, Loomstate is the cornerstone of launching a national T-shirt recycling program from April 13-27. Any old t-shirts at all Barneys' locations throughout the nation will be re-fashioned (re-style, re-dye, re-print, etc.) to create a new, limited edition T-shirt collection.

The T-shirts will be on sale exclusively at Barneys by the holiday season this year. The proceeds from the program will benefit One Percent For The Planet. And Barneys will kick in a 20 percent discount on men's and women's Loomstate merchandise for anyone who participates.

"Recycling t-shirts to create something new and beautiful personifies the evolution and metamorphosis of the Earth," said Rogan Gregory. "We are taking eco fashion to the next level."

They are also taking eco engagement to the next level. Sure, companies have added ample talk of green this and green that for more than a year. But what makes this campaign stand out is it touches on something communication alone so often forgets — you can talk about the environment until your blue in the face, but talking about it doesn't change behavior. This program does.

Add in support for the program from The Sundance Channel, which is promoting the second season of its "The Green" series, and this campaign, along with an incentive from Barneys, touches consumers several times in different ways throughout the year.

To learn more about "The Green" on The Sundance Channel, visit their Web site. While you're there, you can also enter a contest to win $10,000 for an fresh idea that helps the environment. (Hat Tip: Image Empowering.)



Ginger on 5/29/08, 1:10 PM said...

HELLO! Eco-fashion is already at the next level...Catch up! It's like the hottest trend of 2008 if you haven't noticed. That's what got my attention anyway. Before I started becoming interested in going green with fashion, I was never really into the whole "save the environment" thing. I mean, I would do little things here and there like recycle, but I just recently crossed over to the green side and became fully committed.

One of the biggest things that I've done so far was switch to bioheat and it's awesome! I love it, especially during the winter time. The cool part about it is that not only is it non-toxic, which is right up my alley, but it's made of biodegradable products like soybean oil. I know something like that sounds a bit weird to be heating your house with but it's a different story when you're freezing your buns off.

Working for NORA has introduced me to so many different ways I can help preserve the earth. I also get a lot of great ideas from:

Check it out and see what kinds of things are offered that you might be able to use too!

Rich on 6/7/08, 1:07 PM said...

Hey Ginger,

Thanks for the comment. One thing though, I knew about eco-fashion before it was a fashion. ;)



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