Tuesday, October 9

Chatting Jericho: Richard Becker

When I first began covering what began as a crisis communication case study of CBS over the cancellation of a television show, Jericho, and the fan outcry that followed, I could have never imaged meeting such a great group of passionate people.

They are not what I expected; certainly not what CBS expected. You can learn more about them in the comment thread of this post, aptly titled “Understanding Viewers.” There, they left more than 194 comments, about themselves and why they cared so much.

Since CBS reversed its cancellation decision, I’ve usually confined the second case study to tracking consumer marketing behaviors as the fans have worked hard to secure a third season after what will be a short second season, which will probably be introduced during a mid-season break.

In doing so, I am sometimes reminded how easy it is for fans to lose sight of their original reasons to pull together, but I know what they sometimes do not: they are still those same people, perhaps just a bit frustrated in attempting to find their own way. I met many of them at a forum called Jericho Rally Point.

So when one of them sent me message last week or so, it was easy to accept Morgan’s invitation to join them for a chat session at 5 p.m. (PST) on Wednesday, Oct. 10. I have to be honest: I haven’t entered a chat room in years. I expect it will be fun, hopefully engaging, and certainly interesting.

Thanks for the splendid introduction in the forums, Morgan. I'll do all my best.



Sweet Tea on 10/10/07, 6:19 AM said...

We're really excited about having you come chat with us. No need to be nervous you know. We won't ask any trick questions.

maybei on 10/10/07, 6:24 AM said...

I am really looking forward to you coming to chat!! Love your blog and now we get to meet you "in person" - yeah!

Rich on 10/10/07, 9:16 AM said...

Hey Jane and Maybei,

Thanks. I really look forward to it. :)

Truly though, the honor is all mine. It's not everyday you get to rub elbows with show fans ... it helps us ad guys keep it real. Unless you know them, how on earth can you communicate with them. :P

All my best,


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