Wednesday, March 28

Spinning Silly: Julie Roehm

The Wall Street Journal has published a statement (for subscribers) from Julie Roehm. Here's the opening of the 520-word story:

"When I look back over the whirlwind of the last 15 months of my life, here's what I see: I left a successful career in Detroit, uprooted my family to move to Arkansas, and took on a demanding job at Wal-Mart as part of its shift in marketing strategy. I threw myself into the job, traveling constantly and working tirelessly to master several components at the same time. ..."

Apparently, Roehm has decided to put on her best spin until the very end. Here's what I see: someone who regrets a whole bunch of choices she made because it didn't work out as expected, despite saying she has no regrets. From this opening line, it is difficult to buy into a message that ties in the very family she recklessly gave up for what she thought was an marketing upgrade.



Rich on 3/28/07, 2:04 PM said...

Famous Wal-Mart Words between Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott and Fox News' Neil Cavuto yesterday:

CAVUTO: OK. It is a little bit of a scandal that has been out in the press, Julie Roehm, a former top advertising executive, she was forced out allegedly while (INAUDIBLE) trying to steer Wal-Mart's $580 million account to an outside advertiser. It has gotten to be a little messy, because she allegedly had an affair with a subordinate, Sean Womack. You guys came back, released some pretty salacious e-mails. Where does this thing stand?

SCOTT: I think in the courts.

CAVUTO: Where they having an affair?

SCOTT: I think it stands in the courts.

CAVUTO: So they started by wanting to sue you.


CAVUTO: You came back like a ton of bricks. Did you find evidence to support the fact that she was trying to influence advertising decisions at this outside agency?

SCOTT: I think you just need to read the court filings. I think it really lays out Wal-Mart's position on this in a very straightforward way.

CAVUTO: You do not allow internal affairs of between workers, I take it?

SCOTT: Particularly when you have reporting relationship.

CAVUTO: So that is why she was let go?

SCOTT: I think it is all laid out in the court documents.



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