Tuesday, August 29

Breathing Life From Blogs

After ''Snakes On A Plane'' saw an opening weekend that didn't rattle anyone's cage, movie critics and insiders speculated that maybe, Internet buzz will never translate into big bucks. Bloggers are setting out to prove the entertainment industry wrong by latching onto ''Till The Sun Turns Black'' and driving up a sudden interest in Ray LaMontagne.

If this sudden blogger buzz translates into a sales surge for album producer Stone Dwarf Music, LLC, then maybe bloggers can restate their case. The bottom line: whether or not you think Ray LaMontagne will carve a place in history like Ben Harper or The Black Keys, you have to admit that this is a 'blog influence' case study worth watching.


Rich on 9/3/06, 2:30 PM said...

Ray LaMontagene's new album seems stuck in an overall decline after one week (record sales and radio airplay) despite all the blogger buzz.

However, it was still holding onto Amazon.com's #10 spot in top music sales as of Sept. 3, suggesting that, maybe, tech savvy shoppers are indeed influenced by blogger buzz.

What will be interesting to see is if SOAP, though dower about ticket sales, will capture a larger following on DVD. My bet is that it will.


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