Thursday, December 24

Wishing Everyone: Happy Holidays

Even the tiniest intentions can change familiar pattens into unexpected possibilities.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.

Copywrite, Ink.

There has been a lot talk this year about people trying to reinvent their industries, change themselves, or become something else entirely. It isn't difficult.

With even a tiny bit of imagination, a circle can become so many different things: an ornament, reindeer, snowman, holly leaf, lollipop, or any number of others. How splendid.

So this year I wanted to share a dual message with my friends, family, a few colleagues, and now you. Exploring possibilities is easy. It only takes intention. Remembering you are a circle, on the other hand, requires some effort.

No matter your intentions in the months ahead, I hope you imagine them fully while never losing sight of being yourself. It's what I like about people most. Happy holidays and merry Christmas. Until next week ... good night, good luck, and good fortunes.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Rich. Happy Holidays to you too!


Barry on 12/25/09, 6:16 AM said...

Hi Rich,

Great Message and Great messenger!

All of my best to you and yours in this holiday season and beyond.


Rich on 12/28/09, 11:11 AM said...

@Dale @Barry

Appreciated! I hope your holidays are equally great as mine have turned out to be.

2010 promises to be a incredible year here. May it be incredible for you too.

All my best,


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