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Serving Diversity: From Mauler To Social Media

While this analogy of social media to the restaurant industry is not the first step to develop a social media mix as an extension of your business strategy, it does illustrate something that public relations professionals, marketing experts, and so-called celebrity A-list bloggers sometimes forget. As a whole, the blogosphere isn’t all that different from the restaurant industry. There are different strokes for different folks. The model of success for one might not work for another.

Yesterday, I shared some wisdom from two Mobile five-star restaurants. You might have noticed that neither of them said anything silly like you have to have duck on the menu. So today, I thought it would be fun to share some insights from another favorite celebrity chef of mine; someone who knows something about diversity and shares something in common with me.

Gustav Mauler has owned successful several restaurants (I’ve reviewed a few over the years). Currently, he operates Spiedini, Sazio, and Gustav’s Cigar Bar, each of them a little different. When he received a Las Vegas Chamber Community Achievement Award in 2002 (an honor we share), I asked him for five quick keys for success.

Gustav Mauler’s Five Keys For Success

1. Love your profession.
2. Cater to your guests — continually improve systems to consistently exceed the customer’s expectations.
3. Run your business with integrity.
4. Share your talents through education.
5. Give back to the community.

He didn’t say open a cigar bar or why gorgonzola works with spinach salad a little better than parmesan. Some of the fine bloggers at BlogCatalog seem to get it. I asked them what kind of restaurant is your blog and their answers are as diverse as you might expect. You can see them all in the discussion string (highly recommend), but here are a few highlights with their descriptors up front:

• A tea room (Thrift Shop Romantic.)
• A basement coffee shop (Tetsujin’s Blog.)
• A pet-friendly eatery (Pet Friendly Travel.)
• A roadside diner (Agents Don’t Do Housework.)
• A Norwegian “special bite” (Chiamimi.)
• A Willy Wonka chocolate factory (Eavesdrop Writer.)
• A local cafĂ© (Apathetic Lemming of the North.)
• An ice cream parlor (Daisy The Curly Cat.)

There are many more choices for sure. But what about the public? Are people only interested in celebrity chefs or quick service twits? Let’s find out. Vote for the broadest social media dining styles that represent where you’re likely to go most often. You can pick multiple choices, but only vote once.

Feel free to add your own dining “descriptor” and (include the html text only as results vary) in the comments. I’ll revisit this issue sometime next week (after the poll closes). Sure, this is hardly scientific, but I have a few theories in the works.



Rich on 8/7/07, 12:25 PM said...

In our case, we might classify this blog as casual gourmet, a concept our favorite real celebrity chef Kerry Simon perfected.

You can learn more about online (http://www.kerrysimon.com/). Simon Kitchen and Bar (at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino) remains our personal favorites in Las Vegas.

Claire on 8/7/07, 1:19 PM said...

I have never enjoyed formal dining out, the most fun eating out i have had was in Barcelona in a proper tapas bar. As well as the food being great, it was the laid back atmosphere that made it for me. There was wine involved so that would of helped anyway :)

Anyplace that is relaxed and you can watch the world go by looks good in my book.

I hope that my blog is like that too :D

A little piece of me

Cameron on 8/7/07, 1:36 PM said...

It is great when an Idea comes together. I can't wait to see the results. I will post again soon with the visual idea of what my blog looks like in person. I know the place exactly...Now to get there to take a picture.


Rich on 8/7/07, 2:27 PM said...

Thanks Clarie and Cameron. I appreciate it.

I've found interesting things on all kinds of blogs and social networks, often where I least expect them. Thanks for taking the time to drop by and share! :)

All my best,

Sweet Tea on 8/7/07, 3:31 PM said...

Thanks, Rich. I've found a lot of nice blogs at BlogCatalog.
Hey, I don't want to be an A-List blogger. Can I be a J-List blogger?

Rich on 8/7/07, 3:41 PM said...

Hey JS,

Funny. I've never been keen on the labels "A-list" either, but you know ... people adopted it enough to know what it means. :) You can be any letter you like.


Unknown on 8/9/07, 8:24 AM said...

I think of my blog as my own dark little coffee shop where grammar geeks and other nerds from some virtual school hang out. I picture it as having bookshelves lining the walls and little tables and chairs where people can really get in each other's faces over the use of semicolons and gerunds. I get to hang out at the counter and start things, then participate in the conversations. I don't run it to make money, I run it because I love coffee and conversation. Someday I hope to have a real shop to go with it. :D

Rich on 8/12/07, 8:16 AM said...

Hey Legbamel.

I really like your blog. I loved the it's vs. its comments. Sometimes when I edit fast, I read out the contraction to remind myself if "it's" the right one. :) Your also right that simply saying "I know good writing when I see it" doesn't hold water.

While the style might change for the medium, good writing requires a little something special and good grammar comes into play because every mistake distracts the reader from seeing that something special.

So thanks for the addition. You've shared one of my favorite kinds of coffee shops. Kudos too for writing about grammar as it seems to me that most of us make more mistakes anytime we mention the word (if you know what I mean).



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