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Digging Jericho: Jericho Fans

This is an unplanned post, but I really want to give shout out to the fans of Jericho. On Tuesday, I wrote a post entitled "Marketing Jericho: Season Two" and the fans decided to digg it. They are not the only ones.

Since, the original post has popped up on some pretty unexpected places, including the wildly popular, which is a news aggregator and an edited social networking news site. Every day Fark receives 2,000 or so news submissions from its readership.

Since I'm no power blogger by any stretch, I've found the results of your efforts pretty impressive and amazing. The one aforementioned post has been viewed 10,000 times since Tuesday. And that does not even count any other post related to Jericho. Considering the average blog reader shares what they read online with 3-10 people offline ...

More importantly, many of these 10,000 unique visitors were not Jericho fans, per se, so you've done a tremendous job continuing to promote your efforts to more people. It certainly lends well to Solution 2 in yesterday's post. It also demonstrates the sheer power of the fan base beyond the numbers we usually round up: almost 34,000 pounds of nuts (from NUTSOnline); almost $10,000 for Greensburg, Kansas; and 100,000 signatures. If you're new to this story, visit Jericho Lives.

With all these numbers, one might expect Les Moonves, president and CEO of CBS Corp., to pay attention and perhaps read my post on Frontline Communication to brush up on his reflective listening skills. But no matter. As I said yesterday, it's not the job of the fans of Jericho to convince CBS to want them, it is the job of CBS to convince Jericho fans to want CBS. Nuts!

Thanks again for all your comments. Just remember I don't think for a minute that I'm a hero. It's the opposite — you're the heroes and I'm your fan. Without all your hard work and countless hours invested, there would have been nothing about Jericho to write about (something I wish more journalists would keep in mind). Tomorrow's post will reflect that. Until then, all my best — Rich



Unknown on 6/1/07, 11:37 AM said...


Great piece on how "digging" a story enhances it's visibility and the overall effectiveness of the "Jerocho Campaign." Thanks for the article.

Donna on 6/1/07, 11:38 AM said...

And the Digg counter begins another upward march! The kudos are doing wonders for Ranger morale--thanks!

Sweet Tea on 6/1/07, 11:44 AM said...

You're the best. If only Moonves & CBS would listen to you. Thank you for all your posts.

SaveJake on 6/1/07, 12:22 PM said...

I couldn't agree more. If CBS wants me back as a customer they need to provide the product I want most, Jericho. They have lost thousands of customers that would return if only our favorite product was made available. Return Jericho to us and we'll return to CBS.

Rich on 6/1/07, 12:53 PM said...

Pat, Donna, SaveJericho, SaveJake...

Thanks so much. I appreciate it. I would be remiss, however, in not noting that there is an irony in digging a digg story. ;) You made my day!

Alexander on 6/1/07, 12:53 PM said...

Thank you good sir! It is good to find so many supporters out there.

I think even all the Rangers are impressed by how much has been done!

Raul on 6/1/07, 4:34 PM said...


I meant to reply to you last night, but I got sidetracked playing with my kids. :-)
Thank you for your thoughtful posts since CBS cancelled Jericho. Your posts definitely resonate with me and my family.

We appreciate CBS for bringing us Jericho in the first place. We continue to spread the word and continue to send many nuts, e-mails, snail mail as well as make calls and leave voicemails. We’d greatly appreciate CBS renewing Jericho for either a full or mid-season 2 replacement. At the end of the day, we hope that CBS will honor their loyal Jericho viewers and air Jericho on CBS.

In any event, we appreciate your support.

Best regards,

Raul and Family
Orange Park, FL

Myles on 6/1/07, 5:38 PM said...

Rich, the Digg sensation is always quite nice. I often have to resist catering to it for the sake of catering to it, as I feel it eliminates my autonomy. But, with a cause like 'Save Jericho', I can't help but be compelled.

Kudos to your continued support, good sir.


cbsplaysdirty on 6/1/07, 5:52 PM said...

Love you Rich! You are a hot diggity dog. Jericho or bust.

Unknown on 6/1/07, 6:00 PM said...

Rich, I wish CBS could see as clearly as you do.
Thanks for covering this, it means a lot to every Jericho Ranger out here!
You've got a lot of new fans, that's for sure!

Anonymous said...

I love the way the entire case study is weaving together all of the elements of New Media. Keep up the great work :)

Sstang1 on 6/2/07, 1:53 PM said...

Rich you continue to be a hero for Jericho.

CBS must soon give us the second season we have fought so hard for.

Email CBS and tell them you want Jericho back.

virginia on 8/2/07, 4:42 PM said...

My family of four want jericho to continue. I would like to thank all the jericho fans for their efforts.

Gale on 8/13/07, 1:50 PM said...

Thank you Rich for the above. Coming from you that is a nice compliment. Glad to hear Jericho and our efforts to keep it around are being noticed, real great for morale.

terocious on 8/15/07, 2:05 PM said...

I am so glad we all can keep moving this thing on together!
Awesome Job Everybody!

Rich on 8/15/07, 2:46 PM said...

Thanks Gale, Terocious, et all,

You are all very welcome; though my inspiration comes from the efforts you put forth as fans.

Your willingness to promote the show to keep the show is landmark effort, imo. It provides hope for a lot of other fans too. Likewise, it amazes me that even after two months, this remains a hot post. :)

When I look back at some of the better shows that have been lost over the years, especially family shows, it makes think that Jericho, though unintentionally, is the first step in changing the face of television.

All my best,


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